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Bengal Black magic: Shocking incident happened in Shantiniketan

In West Bengal’s Birbhum district’s Shantiniketan, a woman allegedly called the first two youths home to practice tantra. Made them drink alcohol and then cut off the tongue of one of them. After this incident, the police has arrested the said woman.

Photo: In Birbhum, a woman cut off the tongue of a young man.

Shantiniketan area of ​​Birbhum district of West Bengal (Shanti Niketan) A shocking incident has come to the fore. Tantra Sadhana (Tantra Sadhana) With the hope of getting accomplishment, a woman called home on the day of worship and cut off the tongue of a young man. However, the woman has denied the whole incident. The incident took place in Fuldanga area of ​​Rooppur Panchayat of Santiniketan in Birbhum district. This incident has spread panic in the entire area. The police of Shantiniketan police station has started investigation into the incident. The accused woman has been arrested and is interrogating her.

According to the information received, on Monday night, Paku was allegedly doing tantra at the house of a woman named Tudu. During the worship, the said woman called two youths named Somai Soren and Mukul Murmu to the house. All three were intoxicated at that time. Reportedly, soon after Mukul Murmu left, Paku cut off Somai Soren’s tongue with a sharp weapon.

Had drunk alcohol and was doing tantra sadhna

Mukul Murmu told about the incident, “The lady had called us for a drink last night. We went to his house with two friends. He himself gave us money to buy liquor. Then all three of us were drinking alcohol together. I got out for the bathroom. Then I saw that woman sitting on Somai Soren and cut off his tongue. I brought Somai home. It seems that he has done this for tantra practice.

The accused woman denied the allegation of biting her tongue

According to local sources, the accused Paku Tudu was allegedly doing Tantra Sadhana and Kali Puja was performed at his house. Therefore it is believed that he cut off Soren’s tongue for the purpose of achieving Tantra Siddhi. Police has started investigation of the incident. However, the accused woman has denied the whole incident. He said, “Last night there was a puja in my house. I called them and brought them. Then he was intoxicated. Then he started insulting me. I asked them to come out of the house as they were drunk and unconscious. They had gone out of the house. Why would I bite his tongue?”

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