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Believing in father weighed heavily on 12-year-old and his family, angry man killed 3 including wife, mother-in-law

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In the early hours of Thursday (Thursday-Friday night) in Dhauj police station area of ​​Faridabad district of Haryana state adjoining Delhi, a young man along with his companion shot his wife, mother-in-law, brother-in-law and his friend. In this incident of firing, three people including two women died. The main accused’s wife, mother-in-law and brother-in-law’s friend are among those killed.

The brother of the attacker’s wife (the brother-in-law of the attacker in a relationship) was admitted to the hospital in an injured condition. Crime branch has arrested both the accused. Police have recovered weapons, knives and motorcycles used in the murder. Neeraj, the accused and the main conspirator, had doubts about the character of wife Ayesha. One reason for this triple murder is that the main conspirator is also getting to know about the transaction of 10 lakh rupees from his wife’s brother Gagan.

eclipse of happiness

On the complaint of Gagan, the police have registered a case of murder, attempt to murder, under the Arms Act at Dhauj police station. Gagan, who was an eyewitness to the triple murder and was injured, had narrated the incident to the police. This family is basically a resident of Samalkha located in Panipat in the state of Haryana. According to the Faridabad police, the complainant Gagan told that his family had married sister Ayesha to Neeraj Chawla, a resident of NIT-A, about 13-14 years ago.

Even after marriage, accused Neeraj used to doubt the character of his wife. Due to this, there was frequent quarrel between the couple. For the past one year, Ayesha started living in her maternal home. His 12-year-old son also went and started living with him. Accused Neeraj Chawla was irritated by this too. According to the Faridabad police engaged in the investigation of the case, after having dinner on Thursday night, Ayesha and Suman (daughter-mother) went to sleep in the room below. Ayesha’s brother Gagan along with his friend Rajan and 12-year-old nephew (Ayesha’s son who died in the shooting) went to sleep in the upstairs room.

That eye of death saw the orgy

On Thursday-Friday at around three o’clock (in the early hours of Friday 22 October 2021), Gagan heard the sound of firing in the house. Gagan saw that his brother-in-law (sister Ayesha’s husband) Neeraj Chawla, along with friend Lekhraj, who came with him (Gagan’s) friend, was shooting Rajan. As soon as the sight of both the armed attackers fell, he ran away to save his life. At the same time, the attackers shot Gagan in the waist from behind. After this, Neeraj Chawla and another armed attacker, Lekhraj, who arrived with him, first fired bullets at Ayesha and her mother Suman. After that both of them were also adopted with a knife. According to the information received from the Faridabad police, Neeraj Chawla, who reached the door of his in-laws’ house, had made a mobile call to his 12-year-old son sleeping inside the house.

The murderer did not fail to deceive the son too

He told the son that he (the main conspirator i.e. the father of the child) was standing at the door of the house. He has come to meet her (father Neeraj Chawla son). When the son asked the reason for reaching after midnight, at two o’clock, the father deferred the matter and then said that I will go to meet you. Therefore, unaware of the bloody conspiracy already hatched in the father’s mind, the 12-year-old son opened the door and called the father inside the house. The accused first reached the first floor of the house as soon as they entered the house. Where Neeraj Chawla’s brother-in-law Gagan was sleeping with his friend Rajan and nephew. There Rajan and Gagan were shot first by the killers. After that both of them reached the ground floor. On the ground floor, Neeraj and the other assailant who was with him shot Ayesha and her mother. The innocent child saved his life by hiding in a corner in some way in that orgy of death.

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