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Bareilly: There was a pile of filth in the hospital premises, the attendants who were having food with the patients in the TB ward said – the dirt in the ward is so difficult to sit

TV Ward in Bareilly District Hospital.

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These days the district hospital campus of Bareilly has turned into a dustbin. There is a pile of dirt everywhere. The attendants are troubled by the dirt and smell in the wards.

Uttar Pradesh (Uttar PradeshThe Yogi government is making every effort to improve the health department. Despite this, the health department is not making any difference. Pictures of filth and negligence have come to the fore in the TB ward of the District Hospital of Bareilly. When the team of NewsNCR did a reality check of the TB ward of the district hospital, the condition of the toilet inside the ward was found to be very bad. Not only this, the attendants with the patients in the ward were seen sitting on the bed and eating food. Patients admitted to TB in the TV ward told that neither doctors come to the ward nor treatment is done properly and no cleaning of toilets is done. The patients told that there is no facility in the ward due to mosquitoes, the condition of the TV ward is so bad that the tiles in the ward have also been uprooted.

In fact, the TB ward of Bareilly’s district hospital is littered with dirt in such a way that no one can say that as soon as they enter the ward, the patients are lying near the door with the reapers of medicines and piles of garbage. Sitting on the bed with the patients, they are eating warm food. There is no one in the ward to dissuade these attendants. The condition of toilets is also very bad. A patient admitted in the ward says that no cleaning of toilets is done. Due to which it becomes difficult to stay in the ward. Also it is not treated properly. Apart from this, doctors do not come on time in the ward and neither do enough medicines are available. Let us tell that the caregivers who come with the patients in the ward. He keeps lying outside the ward like this. Due to this, there is a fear of spreading the infection of the patients to the relatives.

Patients admitted in the ward narrated different experiences

At the same time, patients undergoing treatment for TV in the TV ward of Bareilly District Hospital narrated their different stories on the condition of anonymity. Some of the patients say that the food that comes in the ward is not good. Sometimes lentils are available and sometimes no roti. So sometimes we get roti and sometimes there is no pulse. Due to which the stomach of the patients is not even filled. However, some patients reported that the toilet inside the ward is not cleaned. It is very hot inside the ward, it becomes difficult to stay in the ward. Many times it complains to the staff that even after that it does not make any difference.

Special things are not being kept in the hospital

Doctors believe that mainly in the TB ward, many things should be taken care of. Before entering the TV ward, first of all, a surgical mask should be applied. Second, children below the age of 10 years should be kept away from the TB ward. Third, one should talk to TV patients from a distance of at least 3 meters. But these three things are not being followed in the district hospital. Patients and attendants are living without masks inside the ward. Also, apart from the patients, their children also sleep on the same bed. The bed on which the patient is admitted but the louse is not crawling in the ears of the doctors and officials of the district hospital.

DM inspected the district hospital, did not pay attention to the TB ward

Let us inform that the District Officer of Bareilly, Shivakant Dwivedi had recently inspected the district hospital a few days ago. Many shortcomings were found in his inspection. But DM Bareilly did not pay attention to the TV ward of the district hospital and neither did he inspect the TV ward.

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Additional director ordered for cleanliness and wearing of masks

In this case, on the condition of the TV ward of Bareilly District Hospital, Dr Megh Singh, Additional Director, District Hospital, while clarifying that the ward is cleaned daily and orders have been given to apply masks inside the ward. If there is a complaint, strict action will be taken against the responsible.

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