Bad Boy Billionaires: Netflix executives were summoned by Lucknow court, Sahara filed a defamation case

Bad Boy Billionaires: लखनऊ कोर्ट ने नेटफ्लिक्स के अधिकारियों को किया तलब, सहारा ने दर्ज कराया था मानहानि का मुकदमा

A court in Lucknow has summoned the director and producers of Netflix India by issuing summons.

A court in Lucknow has summoned the director and producers of Netflix India by issuing summons (Lucknow Court Summon To Netfix). The court has sent this summons to all on the complaint of defamation of Sahara India. This case is related to the documentary Bad Boy Billionaires on the OTT platform. Sahara India had moved the court alleging insult to Sahara India’s owner Subrata Roy through the documentary. Now the Lucknow court has issued summons to Netflix director Abhishek Nag, producer Rev Sharma and director Nick Reed and ordered them to appear in court on November 15.

While filing a defamation case on behalf of Sahara India, it has been said that the documentary on the chairman of Sahara India Parivar has not only tried to defame him, but it has also brought down the honor of all the employees of Sahara Group. also affected. Let us tell you that Netflix released a documentary on the life of Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi as well as Subrata Roy on the OTT platform in October last year. Its name is Bad Boy Billionaires.

‘Poor image to benefit opponents’

Sahara has claimed that this documentary has been deliberately made to benefit his opponents and malign Sahara’s image. Taking cognizance of the matter, the court recorded the statements of the complainant and his witnesses. After seeing the evidence, the court issued summons to all the accused on 13 October. Now everyone will have to appear before the court on October 15.

Four episodes of the documentary, which released last year, are now streaming. Which includes ‘The King of Good Times’ about Kingfisher owner Vijay Mallya, ‘Diamonds Are Not Forever’ about Nirav Modi and ‘The World’s Biggest Family’ about Sahara’s Subrata Roy. The fourth and final episode about Ramalinga Raju, the founder of Satyam Company, was not released. Actually it could not be issued after the order of a Hyderabad court.

‘Documentary baseless and beyond truth’

Responding to the Netflix documentary, Sahara called it baseless and beyond the truth. He alleged that for the purpose of profit in business, an attempt has been made to defame him deliberately. Sahara expressed strong objection to this. He said that in order to spice up the documentary, the image of the Sahara Group chief has been misrepresented. While there is no evidence against him regarding this.

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