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At the age of just one year, this child earns 75 thousand rupees every month, know how this shorty has achieved this position

This shorty earns 75 thousand every month

If you are asked what can a one year old baby do? So most of all of you will say that what will a one year old child do because what can a one year old baby do, neither he can walk nor speak properly, but today we will give you a We are going to tell the story of such a child who is earning 75 thousand rupees every month, that too by roaming the world.

Yes, you read it right, we are talking about Baby Briggs living in America, who is just one year old. But her popularity on social media is no less than a star. The child has traveled on 45 flights so far, apart from visiting 16 US states including Alaska, California, Florida, Utah and Idaho.

Baby Briggs’ mother Jess told that Briggs was born on October 14 last year. Within just three weeks he had made his first voyage. Briggs’ mother Jess says that when she got pregnant in 2020, it seemed that now my career would be over. But after the birth of Briggs, I created an account on Instagram with the baby travel idea and started traveling with my child. After which my career took wings.

You will be surprised to know that this one year old shorty is quite famous on Instagram. Initially, his followers were less, but in a few days he became famous. At present, more than 30 thousand people are following him only on Instagram.

Baby Briggs’s Instagram account is operated by her mother. In the video, Jess shares her travel experiences, writes reviews, and gets paid in return. The highlight of Jess’s journey is her son, Briggs.

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