At the age of 56, these women started farming in hobby, now they are growing 60 types of fruits

56 साल की उम्र में इन महिला ने शौक में शुरू की खेती, अब उगा रही है 60 प्रकार के फल

Deepti Patel in her garden (Photo: The Better India)

The hobby of gardening is very beneficial, it keeps your mind engaged and you get to eat your own grown fresh fruits and vegetables to eat. There is one such woman living in Surat, Gujarat who took up this hobby and has more than a thousand plants in her house. There is no corner of their roof where there is no greenery. He has used every inch of the land in a very good way.

Plants lying for years are their companions

56-year-old Deepti was fond of gardening since childhood, if there was a place to plant trees in the house, then her hobby grew.

As a result of this, today more than 60 varieties of roses, cactus, water lilies and seasonal vegetables are planted in his house.

Deepti is a teacher by profession and after work also finds time for gardening and does all the garden work herself.

She says that these trees have been her companion for many years and she often spends evenings with her. Staying among the trees and plants ends their fatigue and their stress also goes away.

Inherited knowledge of horticulture

Deepti told The Better India that her father used to do farming along with his job. He got the knowledge of gardening from his father. Learning from him, she used to plant flowers in her childhood. He was very fond of growing roses. He also started gardening with rose and hibiscus plants. She also used to grow vegetables in her house. But after marriage she came to her in-laws’ house. There was a place in the in-laws’ house but no one was fond of gardening.

Beginning in in-laws

Deepti tells that after coming to her in-laws’ house, she first started planting ornamental plants in the house. After this, gradually started planting vegetables and fruits in big pots. Which was very much liked by my family and within a few years my house was filled with many trees and plants.

Wherever information comes from, Deepti takes it

Deepti never hired a gardener for her garden, she believes that man learns the most from his own experience in gardening. Wherever she got information related to gardening, she kept taking it and also tried to try it. Apart from this, he also did a small terrace gardening course of three days at an agriculture fair. Where they were told about making compost and growing vegetables according to the season. After training, he started growing some vegetables throughout the year.

These are the plants in their garden

He has three varieties of guava trees at his house including Thai and indigenous, two varieties of papaya, three pomegranate trees, two varieties of dragon fruit, two varieties of cilantro including figs, Ramphal, Lakshmanphal, Safed Jamun, Orange, Mosambi, Apple Apart from banana, cherry, passion fruit, many other types of fruits are engaged.

prepares compost by itself

Deepti does not use any kind of chemical fertilizers or pesticides in her plants. She prepares compost manure from her home’s wet waste and garden waste. Apart from this, it is also used by bringing vermi compost from outside. Now the space on their roof has also reduced.

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