Astro tips for good luck: When your luck does not support you, then definitely do these astrological remedies to make your luck shine.

Astro tips for good luck : जब आपका भाग्य साथ न दे तो किस्‍मत चमकाने के लिए जरूर करें ये ज्योतिषीय उपाय

great remedies for good luck

To get happiness, wealth and opulence in life, along with hard work, good luck is also needed. The Navagrahas located in the horoscope of any person have a direct relation with the fate of the person. You can clearly see the difference in his life who is weak or strong. According to astrology, due to not being favorable to Bhagyaesh, a person often has to go through very difficult situations in life many times. Despite all the efforts, he does not get the fruits of his hard work and he becomes financially weak day by day. The surefire remedy for this problem has been told in astrology. Let us know the great ways to get good luck by making a planet strong in the horoscope.

  1. To make the Sun lucky in the horoscope, give water to the rising Sun daily and chant one rosary of Gayatri Mantra daily.
  2. If Bhagyesh Moon is giving inauspicious results in your horoscope, then to make it favorable, you must chant one rosary of the mantra ‘Om Shram Shree Shron Sah Chandramse Namah’ daily. Also, always drink water in a silver glass. Shiva worship is also a very effective way to get the blessings of the moon god.
  3. To make Bhagyesh Mars favorable in the horoscope, feed sweets to laborers on Tuesday and donate red lentils. At the same time, especially on Tuesday, recite Sundarkand.
  4. If the planet Mercury is unable to give good results in your horoscope, then you should wear a copper bracelet for boys in your right hand and girls in your left hand. Along with this, to get the auspiciousness of Mercury, one should worship Ganapati, donate green fodder to the cow, etc.
  5. If Devguru Brihaspati is not giving auspicious results in the horoscope and is causing your misfortune, then to get his auspiciousness, first of all start worshiping Lord Vishnu. Also, feed the cow with turmeric in potatoes and donate yellow items on Thursday.
  6. If Venus is unable to give auspicious results by being lucky in your horoscope, then one must chant the mantra ‘Om Shum Shukray Namah’ daily with a garland of crystals to get its auspicious results and awaken good fortune. Also, donate rice on Friday. Worship Goddess Lakshmi daily to enhance good fortune.
  7. If your Bhagyesh Shani is weak in the horoscope, then to make it strong, avoid wearing black and blue clothes. Also worship Hanuman and recite Hanuman Chalisa daily. Along with this, it should also be given under the Peepal tree on Saturday.

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(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general interest.)


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