Astro Remedies for Mercury: For position, prestige and intelligence, do these measures today on Wednesday

Astro Remedies for Mercury : पद, प्रतिष्ठा और बुद्धि के लिए आज बुधवार को जरूर करें ये उपाय

In astrology, Mercury is considered the prince of planets. Due to the auspiciousness of Mercury, the person’s intelligence, prudence, business etc. increase, while inauspicious results give opposite results. Read this article to know the remedies to strengthen Mercury in the horoscope.

Remedy to get auspiciousness of planet Mercury

Wednesday is dedicated to the planet Mercury, which is considered the prince of the planets. In astrology, Mercury is considered the planet of intelligence, speech, reasoning ability and mental ability. When Mercury is strong in the horoscope, the communication style of the person is very good and he is very spot on. His reasoning power is amazing. Mathematics and reasoning of such a person is very good. The strong or weak Mercury in a person’s horoscope is revealed by the intelligence and discretion of any person. When Mercury is weak, the person has speech defects. He has trouble speaking. Such a person hesitates to speak in the society and his calculation is also very weak. He suffers loss in business. If Mercury is bad in the horoscope, then relations with brother-sister, maternal uncle, maternal uncle, aunt etc. get spoiled.

Mercury’s fault will be removed like this

  1. If Mercury is weak and giving bad results in your horoscope, then you should try to get its auspicious results by adopting the simple and easy measures given below –
  2. If Mercury is weak in the horoscope, then after consulting an astrologer, emerald gemstone with proper weight should be worn on auspicious day and auspicious time after being invited by law.
  3. Emerald gemstone should be worn in the ring of gold or silver on Wednesday after sunrise on the right hand of the man and the little finger of the left hand by the woman.
  4. If you cannot buy expensive emerald gemstone to get the auspiciousness of Mercury, then you can wear the root of Vidhara in its place.
  5. Four Mukhi Rudraksha can also be worn to get the auspiciousness of Mercury.
  6. Banana, broad leaf plants or trees should be planted for the planet Mercury.
  7. To get the auspiciousness of Mercury, soak moong dal at night and feed it to animals in the morning.
  8. To get the auspiciousness of Mercury, always respect your sister, aunt and daughter and sister-in-law and whenever they come to your house, send them away by giving them something from home.
  9. Worshiping small girls also gives auspiciousness to the planet Mercury.

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(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general interest.)


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