Aryan Khan Drugs Case: Aryan Khan’s prisoner number in Arthur Road Jail will be 956, this will be the new name for the next 6 days

Drugs Case : आर्यन खान के वकील सतीश मानशिंदे ने जमानत के लिए स्पेशल NDPS कोर्ट में दायर की है याचिका, बोले- आज हो सकती है सुनवाई

Aryan Khan. (file photo)

Aryan Khan, the accused in the Cruise Drugs Party case and son of actor Shahrukh Khan, has to remain in jail till October 20. During this he will remain in Arthur Road Jail. Aryan Khan was given a prisoner number on Thursday in Arthur Road Jail. Aryan Khan’s prisoner number in the jail is 956.

In fact, every accused coming to the under-trial jail is given a number, through which he is called, giving allowance ie jail food, taking coupons from the jail canteen or participating in other prison activities. . An under trial accused in jail is not called by his name but by his number.

The number given to Aryan Khan is his captive number. Not a prisoner in an under-trial jail, but a prisoner until he is sentenced. Aryan Khan is currently an accused in the cruise ship drugs case and this case is under investigation. After being sent to custody, Aryan Khan had filed a bail application in a Mumbai court.

Aryan Khan has to remain in jail till October 20

After hearing the bail plea on Thursday, the court reserved the decision on this matter. The court will pronounce its verdict on the matter on October 20. With this it was also decided that Aryan Khan will have to remain in jail till the day of the verdict i.e. till October 20. That is, Aryan Khan will remain in Mumbai’s Arthur Road Jail for the next 6 days.

Eight accused including Aryan Khan were arrested by NCB from a cruise ship near Mumbai. NCB alleges that a drug party was going on on Cruise and the accused are involved in it. NCB is also opposing the bail plea of ​​other accused including Aryan Khan. He says that interrogation of these people is necessary as this case may also have an international connection.

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