Aryan Khan Drugs Case: Aryan Khan’s bail plea will be decided on October 20, will have to remain in jail for 6 days

Drugs Case : शाहरुख खान के बेटे आर्यन ने जमानत के लिए मुंबई सेशन कोर्ट में दायर की याचिका, सोमवार को होगी सुनवाई

Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan still could not get bail in the drugs case. The court will deliver the verdict on October 20.

The problems of Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan in the drugs case are not taking the name of being less. Aryan has not been able to get relief from the court even after the long arguments of the lawyer. Today his bail plea was heard in the Mumbai Sessions Court. But the court has not granted bail to Aryan Khan today. The decision on the bail application has been reserved till October 20. Now it will be clear only on October 20 whether Aryan will get bail or not. Till then all the accused including Aryan will have to stay in Arthur Road Jail. Aryan will have to spend 6 days in jail for now. Only after that the court will pronounce the verdict on his bail.

Let us tell that today in the Mumbai court Aryan Khan’s side was kept by lawyer Amit Desai. He argued that his bail cannot be opposed by merely saying the possibility of conspiracy. The lawyer said that there is no mention of any rave party in Aryan’s phone. He said that this is not a joint position. Amit Desai said in the court that even if he believes that it is so, then it is still a matter of trial. The lawyer argued in the court that Aryan was abroad for many years. Many things were legal there. It is possible that the people there are talking about something else, which includes Aryan. However, Amit Desai said that he does not know what happened between them all.

NCB opposes Aryan Khan’s bail

Aryan also during the hearing on bail, NCB said that he has many such evidence which shows that he has been taking drugs for the last several years. The investigating agency says that according to their information, he used to do drugs in other countries as well. NCB opposes Aryan Khan’s bail. At the same time, her lawyer Amit Desai also referred to the case of Riya’s brother Shauvik Chakraborty during this period. He said that he was granted bail after the chargesheet was presented in the case of Sauvik. That is why Aryan Khan should also get bail in this case.

Referring to his private chat in the court of Aryan’s lawyer, he said that nowadays people talk about drugs in cinema, a book is written on it, it does not mean that all of them are related to smuggling of drugs. Amit Desai said that it is also very important to see its context. Amit Desai told ASG that a lot of wrong has been said in the name of fact. He said that Aryan has been investigated. He said that the commercial quantity was received from Abdul. But he has nothing to do with Aryan. His name was neither given by Aryan nor by Arbaaz and Achit. Amit Desai asked the court that then what did Abdul have to do with Aryan.

Court will give verdict on bail on October 20

Let us inform that Aryan Khan was arrested on October 2 in the drugs case. On October 3, the fort court had granted his one-day remand. In the hearing of 4 October, his remand was sent to NCB remand till 7 October. Superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan has been lodged in Mumbai’s Arthur Road Jail since October 7. Even today Aryan Khan could not get relief from the court. He will also have to stay in jail for 6 days now. Anything will be clear on his bail only on October 20. The court has reserved its decision today.

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