Aryan Khan Drugs Case: Aryan Khan Drugs Case Investigating Officer Sameer Wankhede and Mohit Kamboj met? Nawab Malik will make a big disclosure

Aryan Khan Drug Case: मुंबई क्रूज ड्रग केस में आया धार्मिक मोड़, BJP नेता का नवाब मलिक से सवाल, 'शाहरुख खान के लिए दर्द है, सुशांत के वक्त कहां थे?'

NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik (file photo)

NCP leader Nawab Malik (NCB) has raised a serious question in the Mumbai Cruise Drugs and Rave Party case related to Aryan Khan, son of megastar Shahrukh Khan. Malik has described the entire action of NCB for raiding the cruise as bogus. Nawab Malik has made a new allegation against NCB zonal director Sameer Wankhede (NCB) and BJP leader Mohit Kamboj (Mohit Kamboj, BJP).

NCB had detained 11 people by taking action on the cruise. Out of these, 3 people were released after two hours of interrogation. Rishabh Sachdeva was also one of those who were released. He was a relative of former BJP Yuva Morcha president Mohit Kamboj, so he was released under pressure from the BJP. Nawab Malik made this allegation by holding a press conference. Mohit Kamboj, rejecting this allegation, had warned of a defamation case of 100 crores against Nawab Malik. Mohit Kamboj has also sent this notice to Nawab Malik. Meanwhile, Nawab Malik made a new allegation on Monday.

BJP leader behind Aryan Khan to Riya Chakraborty arrest- Nawab Malik

Nawab Malik said, “I will bring to the fore what Mohit Kamboj did in the Cruise Drugs Party case. I know where Kamboj and Sameer Wankhede met on 7 October. I am going to release his video in a day or two. Not only this action, I will expose all those cases after the arrest of Riya Chakraborty and the way many celebrities were implicated in drugs case continuously after that. A big conspiracy has been hatched to defame Bollywood and Maharashtra government. BJP is behind all these matters. All these actions have been carried out with the help of an officer. In the coming time, I am going to bring many videos about them in front of the media.

Mohit Kamboj rubbishes Nawab Malik’s allegation

On the other hand, BJP leader Mohit Kamboj rejected Nawab Malik’s allegation outright. Mohit Kamboj said, “I don’t even know how Sameer Wankhede looks like. The question of meeting does not arise. I met Sameer Wankhede, Nawab Malik should present the proof at the earliest, otherwise be ready for another notice. Nawab Malik’s son-in-law is trapped in a drugs racket, it has been exposed. That’s why their sobbing has started.” Mohit Kamboj further said, “BJP has nothing to do with the release of Rishabh Sachdev. Those against whom there was no evidence were released. I have a feeling that Nawab Malik is saying this nonsense somewhere by taking drugs?

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