Arunachal Pradesh: Now India-China clash in Tawang, why is the dragon interested in it?

Arunachal Pradesh: अब तवांग में भारत-चीन के बीच झड़प, ड्रैगन की क्यों है इसमें दिलचस्पी?

Why is China interested in Tawang?

There have been reports of a clash between India and Chinese soldiers in the Tawang sector of Arunachal Pradesh. It is being told that the soldiers of both the countries clashed during patrolling. However, the issue has been resolved after talks. According to the information, Chinese soldiers were trying to enter Tawang. However, Indian soldiers foiled his attempt. China has been wanting to take Tawang under its control for a long time, but in the midst of all this it is important to know that why is the last China so interested in Tawang?

In fact, Tawang is the second largest Tibetan Buddhist monastery in the world after Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. This monastery is considered very sacred. This monastery is dedicated to the deity Palden Lhamo or Goddess Dri Devi, who is considered to be the main patron of Tibet. It is believed that if this monastery falls, then Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism will end. China wants to destroy Tawang, the last largest stronghold of the Tibetan Buddhist center.

‘Aksai Chin’s offer was given in exchange for Tawang’

It was said from China in the year 2017 that if India takes care of Chinese interests on the eastern border, then China can do the same elsewhere. This meant that if India can give control of Tawang to China, then China can also give control of Aksai Chin area to India. However, India had categorically denied this.

In the year 1962, China and India fought in Tawang. After this battle, China had vacated the area. However, now he wants back control of Tawang. It is believed that if China takes control of Tawang, then its hold on Tibet will become stronger.

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