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Another dangerous variant of Corona found in South Africa, know why this strain is disturbing

Experts say, the more changes the corona makes in its genome, the more dangerous it can prove to be.

Another dangerous variant of Corona has been found in South Africa. Here this variant is being said to be responsible behind the increasing cases of corona. South African virologist Tulio de Oliveira has confirmed this. Its name has been given as B.1.1.529.

After meeting this train, the World Health Organization (WHO) has demanded to convene a meeting in a hurry. Similar cases of infection have been found in Botswana and Hong Kong among citizens of South Africa. The special thing is that the beta variant of Corona was also found in South Africa last year.

Why is this train dangerous, understand like this…

The name of this variant found in South Africa is B.1.1.529. Scientists have called it a variant of concern. If understood in easy language, then this train is going to increase the risk of life in a person. In South Africa, 22 cases of infection with this strain have been reported. Efforts are being made to find out to what extent its infection is fatal.

Many reports have claimed that this variant can be more dangerous than the delta variant of Corona, which brought the second wave. Scientists say that the mutation found in the new variant B.1.1.529 in South Africa has happened about 10 times, while it happened twice in Delta and 3 times in Beta. Therefore, it can prove to be more dangerous than other variants.

Mutation in virus is dangerous

Experts say, the virus changes its genome to keep itself alive for a long time. This is called mutation. This also increases its ability to spread infection and its new form comes to the fore. The more the virus goes through the process of mutation, the more it can prove to be fatal. The same is believed to be the case with the virus found in South Africa.

Danger of fourth wave in December

On Wednesday, 1200 cases of corona were reported in South Africa. Before getting the new variant, the administration here had feared a fourth wave of corona by mid-December. South Africa’s National Institute for Communicable Diseases says, most cases of the new variant have been found in an education institute.

The health agency here Africa CDC says, experts will meet soon to deal with this variant. This is also a matter of danger because the start of the vaccination program has been very slow here. So far 41 percent of the population of South Africa has received only one dose of the vaccine. Only 35 percent of the population has been able to take both the doses.

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