“Anecdote of Crime”: The ‘Double Murder’ that happened 43 years ago that shook the Morarji Desai regime in the 1970s

क्राइम का किस्सा: 43 साल पहले हुआ वो 'डबल मर्डर' जिसने 1970 के दशक में मोरारजी देसाई हुकूमत की चूलें हिला दी थीं

Delhi double murder case. (symbolic picture)

This time in “Crime Ka Story”, I discuss about the double-murder that happened about 43 years ago. Discussion of the story of the double murder that shook the then Hindustani government (Prime Minister Morarji Desai government). That ludicrous double murder had not only shook the Indian government, but also shook the world outside the country.

Because in that era, no one had ever seen or heard of a more enticing double murder in Delhi, the capital of India. In that sensational incident, the killers had kidnapped and killed their teenage siblings. The only fault of the fearless brother and sister who died a heart-wrenching death at the hands of cruel times was that they did not give up in front of the kidnappers. Therefore, the hijackers killed both of them, losing their bravery and seeing themselves trapped from all around.

The murder of brother and sister shook the government

After the murder, both the bodies were dumped in the forest of Ridge area of ​​New Delhi area (from Dhaula Kuan to Karol Bagh on the deserted road with the idol of Hanuman temple). Siblings were the children of a high officer of the Indian Army (Jal Sena). The sister was a student of the famous Jesus and Mary College in Delhi. While a student of Bhai Modern School. Both of them had left the house near Dhaula Kuan for All India Radio in the evening to record a program. After that did not return home.

That incident of kidnapping and double murder of siblings was carried out on 26 August 1978 i.e. about 43 years ago. Morarji Desai was ruling the country in those days. The ruthless murder of an innocent son and daughter of a brave officer of the Indian Army (Navy) brought a flood of anger in Delhi and all parts of the country. The killers were not being caught at any cost. There was also a boil of anger among the people of Delhi and the country that the killers of both the children had clearly escaped even after coming into the hands of Delhi Police.

Even after coming under the clutches, the killers left!

For some time in the night, the police of the police station kept those suspects with them. Even after this, but the police station could not detect that they were both the suspects, the kidnappers and the murderers of the siblings. Therefore, taking undue advantage of this weakness of the police, the vicious mind killers clearly escaped from the clutches of the law. Due to the non-arrest of the killers, the anger in the country increased to such an extent that Morarji Desai, the Sarve-Sarva of the Indian government, was forced to give a statement regarding the immediate arrest of the killers in front of the people of the country.

Finally, on 8-9 September 1978, the kidnappers-killers of the brave children were caught in Agra. Lance Naik A.V. Shetty (Lance Naik AV Shetty). Both the killers (suspects) were in the army’s reserved compartment of the Agra-bound ‘Kalka Mail’ train with a bandage on their injured hand. In the same compartment, Fauji Lance Naik A.V. Shetty was also traveling with other military companions. AV Shetty had recognized the faces of the killers from their photographs published in the newspaper a day before they were caught on the train.

Instead of the police, the soldier caught the murderer.

AV Shetty started interrogating the suspects. So the matter was opened. The accused confessed that they were the murderers of a brother and sister who were kidnapped and killed in Delhi. Kuljeet Singh alias Ranga Khus and Jasbir Singh alias Billa have been booked by Lance Naik A.V. for the kidnapping and murder of Geeta Chopra and Sanjay Chopra. Shetty caught it and handed it over to Inspector VP Gupta, who was the SHO of the New Delhi Railway Station police station in those days. Many unexplored aspects of Sanjay and Geeta Chopra murder case also need to be discussed here today after 43 years.

For example, on 5 April 1981, both the siblings were posthumously honored with a special honor like ‘Kirti-Chakra’ by the Indian government. Because both the brave brothers and sisters who were murdered had fought the killers firmly till their last breath. By showing amazing bravery, both of them lost their lives but did not kneel in front of the kidnappers-killers. The result of their bravery was that, the kidnappers also took injuries on their hands in the tussle with both the brothers and sisters. Recognizing from the same wound, Fauji AV Shetty caught both of them in the train (on the Yamuna Bridge in Agra).

This has never happened in the country before

Generally, in the history of India till now, it has probably never happened that a common man who has been murdered has been decorated with the honor like ‘Kirti-Chakra’ of the army. In the memory of the brave brothers and sisters, the Hindustani government. In the name of both of them, it was announced to start the ‘Sanjay Chopra Geeta Chopra’ bravery award in their memory. Which till date, every year among the few brave boys and girls selected from all over the country, the ‘best-brave’ is awarded by the Indian Prime Minister. Another never-ending date is recorded in the Sanjay Chopra Geeta Chopra double murder case, which shook the country and the world and the Indian government.

Can’t forget this date

This never-ending date was 30 January 1982. On this date, the Supreme Court of India allowed 5 Indian journalists (including two women journalists) of the country to interview both the killers inside the jail. Just 24 hours before the culprits were hanged to the gallows. Jasbir Singh alias Billa, who was counting down the countdown to hang the noose in the jail, spoke to these journalists who arrived in Tihar Jail to do an interview. His other fellow murderer, Ranga, however, refused to give interviews to journalists. The very next day i.e. on 31 January 1982, both were hanged on the noose.

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