America: ‘October Hindu Heritage Month’, Republican Party MPs said in the House of Representatives

अमेरिका : 'अक्टूबर हिंदू विरासत का महीना', प्रतिनिधि सभा में बोले रिपब्लिकन पार्टी के सांसद

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Describing October as Hindu Heritage Month, a US lawmaker said that in this month the Hindu community of the entire country comes together and celebrates its culture and diverse spiritual traditions. MP Darin LaHood said that Hindu Heritage Month is a time to celebrate the faith of Hindus when celebrations are held in 91 congressional districts of 32 states, including the 18th congressional district of Illinois.

The Republican Party MP in the House of Representatives said that October wants to be celebrated as Hindu Heritage Month. The month of October is a time when Hindu communities across the country come together and celebrate their culture and diverse spiritual traditions. The lawmaker said the vibrant Hindu-American community is no different and I am proud to support the festival in my area of ​​18th Congressional District.

Even before this, an MP had told that the month of Hindu heritage

Last week, another MP Raja Krishnamurthy had also called October Hindu Heritage Month in the House. Various Hindu organizations in America had also announced to celebrate the month of October as Hindu Heritage Month. In the recent announcements issued by the office of Governors of various states, MPs and Senators mentioned that Hinduism has contributed immensely to our state and nation through its unique history and heritage.

In fact, Hindu groups in America are now campaigning and working hard for the US government to formally declare Hindu Heritage Month. Hindu organizations had said that keeping in mind the aspirations of the three million Hindu-American community and maintaining good relations with India, the homeland of millions of Hindu-Americans, and we Aapko (President) by an executive order, October was declared as Hindu Heritage Month. As urge to declare formally.

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