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Amazing women farmers in Jharkhand earning lakhs of rupees from watermelon cultivation

Balo Devi, a female farmer standing in the field holding her watermelon

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Watermelon Farming: This time women farmers have done wonders in watermelon cultivation in Jharkhand. There has been a bumper production of watermelon in the state, which is being sent to other states as well. Women farmers are earning lakhs of rupees through watermelon cultivation. Drip irrigation has made irrigation easy for them.

This time there has been a bumper production of watermelon in Jharkhand. Due to this, the farmers of the state, especially the women farmers, cultivate watermelon in the state.Watermelon Farming) and are playing an important role in increasing the production. The Ormanjhi block of the state also keeps its own identity in the state in the field of farming. Many progressive farmers of the block are earning lakhs of rupees through farming. Watermelon is cultivated on a large scale in this region during the watermelon season. In Ukrid village of the block also women farmers (Women Farmers) Cultivation of watermelon (Tarbuj Ki Kheti) and are earning lakhs of rupees.

As soon as one enters the boundary of Ukrid village of Ormanjhi block, greenery is visible all around even in the scorching sun, which gives coolness to the eyes. This greenery is because only watermelon has been cultivated all around. Due to the hard work of the farmers of the village, all the fields are looking green even in summer. Drip irrigation (drip irrigation) is available to almost all the farmers.Drip Irrigation) facility. Not only this, the faces of the farmers have blossomed because after two years of lockdown, they are earning a lot by selling watermelons.

Started with 25 decimals

Balo Devi, a woman farmer of Ukrid village, smiled on TV 9 on the question of watermelon cultivation and said that watermelon cultivation has changed the fate of the farmers of the village. He started the cultivation of watermelon from 25 decibels of land. After joining JSAPS, she got the benefit of Women Farmers Empowerment Project. In which drip irrigation and other agricultural inputs were also found in 25 dismils. After this, he took 15000 rupees from the village organization and cultivated watermelon. If the earnings were good, this time he planted watermelon in five acres of land.

Every day many trucks come out of the village Watermelon

Balo Devi tells that every other day a truck of watermelon comes out of her farm. Whose size is bigger. Apart from this, small watermelons are filled in pickup and sent to the local market. Almost every farmer of Ukrid has cultivated watermelon. Every day eight to ten trucks of watermelon are being sent out for sale from the village. He told that this time by selling watermelon this time he has earned seven lakh rupees so far. Whereas a capital of 2.5 lakh rupees was invested to plant watermelon in five acres. There are still more watermelons left in the field. Almost every woman farmer in the village has earned two to three lakh rupees by selling watermelon.

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Farming is done through producer groups

Other women farmers of the village tell that there is a producer group in their village. There are 100 women farmer members in the producer group. Sells watermelon through a producer group. Apart from this, traders from West Bengal and Sahebganj come and take watermelons in the field itself. The remaining watermelon is sold in the local markets. The woman farmer told that last year also she had cultivated watermelon. But the earnings were not good due to the lockdown. But this time there has been better earnings than the last two years, due to which the faces of women farmers are in bloom.

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