Already increased facility for pensioners, now you can submit life certificate in these 5 ways

पेंशनर के लिए पहले से बढ़ गई सुविधा, अब इन 5 तरीकों से जमा कर सकते हैं जीवन प्रमाण पत्र

Easy way to submit life certificate to get pension (signal image)

It is a big task for the pensioner to submit his life certificate every year. Every year between November 1 and November 30, it is necessary to submit a life certificate. If this certificate is not submitted then the pension can stop. However, pensioners above 80 years have got the facility to submit life certificate anytime after October 1. In this way, such a pensioner gets two months to submit the certificate in the form of October and November.

The government has given the facility of submission of life certificate in many ways as compared to earlier. Now the pensioner does not need to take much tension for this. Let us know about the 5 ways in which pensioners can submit their life certificate.

1-Submit Online

Pensioners can submit certificates online through Jeevan Pramaan portal. For this, one has to go to For this, the pensioner will have to download the Jeevan Pramaan app from the portal. After this, the life certificate will be submitted through the fingerprint given in the Aadhaar. The mobile phone in which Jeevan Pramaan app is downloaded is connected with OTG cable. For this, the pensioner will have to buy a device which will have to be connected to the mobile and give his fingerprint. The certificate will be submitted through the pensioner’s Aadhaar number, mobile number and email ID.

2-Go to the bank and submit the certificate

The easiest way is to go to the branch of the bank where the pension comes and submit the life certificate. The life certificate form is available at the bank counter, which will have to be filled and submitted.

Submit the form through 3-doorstep banking

Nowadays banks have started the facility of doorstep banking. Under this, bank related work can be done at home by paying a fee of few rupees. The employee of the bank in which you have an account will come to the pensioner’s house and submit the form of life certificate. Doorstep banking currently includes 12 banks serving customers at home. For this, online service will have to be taken from the bank, after which the doorstep banking agent or DSB will come at home and will go to work related to pension.

4- Submit the form by postman

Postmen are also providing the facility of submitting life certificates. The Indian Postal Department in association with the Department of Electronics and Information Technology has started the facility of submission of Digital Life Certificate at home. For this, the pensioner will have to download the PostInfo app on his mobile phone and request doorstep facility from the same.

5- The work will be done by the signature of the authority

If the copy of the life certificate is signed by a ‘Designated Officer’, then the pensioner will not need to personally visit the bank to deposit the same. Such a signed copy can be deposited by any person in the bank in lieu of the pensioner. In the booklet of the CPAO, those officers have been mentioned whose signature can be submitted to the life certificate in the bank.

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