Alert: The number of hot days is increasing rapidly around the world, know which of your mistakes is the reason for this big change.

Alert: दुनियाभर में तेजी से बढ़ रही गर्म दिनों की संख्या, जानिए आखिर आपकी कौन सी गलती बन रही इस बड़े बदलाव का कारण

The temperature of the record summer in Italy reached 48.8 degree Celsius and in Canada the mercury reached 49.6 degree Celsius. Between 1980 and 2009 the average temperature rose above the 50 °C mark for 14 days per year.

Rising temperature (Heatwave News) – a foreshadowed picture

Now the number of hot days is increasing all over the world. According to a report climate change (Climate change) Due to the scorching heat in a year in the 1980s (over 50 °C temperature) Compared to the number of days it used to be, now it is hot in a year (Heatwaves) The number of days has doubled. Between 1980 and 2009, the average temperature rose above the 50 °C mark of 14 days per year but, according to the BBC, between 2010 and 2019, the number rose to 26 days.

Apart from this, a sharp jump in temperature of 45 degree Celsius has also been observed during the same time period, which has been recorded for an additional two weeks per year on average. The 50 °C mark is common in the West Asia region, especially during long summers. But climate scientists took note when this summer outbreak was seen in countries like Canada and Italy. The temperature here also started recording 50 degree Celsius.

It is necessary to limit fossil fuel emissions

Italy (Italy) Record summer mercury 48.8 degree Celsius in Canada and (Canada) The mercury reached 49.6 degrees Celsius in this. climate experts (Climate Experts) fears that until fossil fuel emissions (Fossil Fuel emissions) The dangerous 50 degree Celsius mark could soon be recorded in other parts of the world unless If the temperature continues to rise like this, then the entire human race will have to face unprecedented challenges.

Researchers said that there is a need to work on this soon. According to a BBC study, the faster the reduction in fossil fuel emissions, the better. University of Oxford (University of Oxford) Dr Sihan Lee, a climate researcher in the U.S. School of Geography and Environment, said that “persistent emissions will not only make extreme heat events more severe and more frequent, but also make emergency response and recovery more challenging.”

The whole world is heating up due to the unbridled burning of fossil fuel

Climate scientists fear that the relentless burning of fossil fuels is warming the world faster than ever before, raising the possibility of extreme temperatures in the future. The ever-increasing temperature can be dangerous for both flora and fauna, human civilization will have to face many challenges.

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