Alert for farmers! Agricultural scientists of Pusa issued advisory, take advantage

किसानों के लिए अलर्ट! पूसा के कृषि वैज्ञानिकों ने जारी की एडवाइजरी, उठाएं लाभ

This advice is very important for farming

Agromet Advisory: Agricultural scientists have appealed to the farmers to sow early peas and mustard in this season. Paddy cultivators should pay special attention.

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Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) Pusa has issued advisory for farming. According to the agricultural scientists of the Agricultural Physics Division, for the preparation of early Rabi crops, immediately after plowing the field, make sure that there is no loss of moisture from the soil. Keeping in view the possibility of rain in the coming days, make proper arrangements for drainage of all vegetables, pulse crops, maize and nursery. Also, do not spray any type of crop in all the crops.

Peas can be sown early in this season. Its improved varieties are Pusa Pragati and Pusa Shri. Seeds should be sprayed with fungicide Captan or Thyram @ 2 g. Treat by mixing at the rate of seed per kg. After that make sure to vaccinate the crop specific Rhizobium.

Boil the jaggery in water and cool it and after treating it with the seeds of Rhizobium, keep it in a shady place to dry and sow it the next day. For early mustard farming, sow the seeds of Pusa Sarson-25, Pusa Sarson-26, Pusa Sarson 28, Pusa Agni, Pusa Tarak, Pusa Mehak etc.

Farmers can also sow carrots in this season

In this season, farmers can sow carrots on the meadows. Improved variety- Pusa is Rudhira. Seed rate will be 4.0 kg per acre. Before sowing, treat the seed with Captan @ 2 gm/kg seed. Make sure to add indigenous manure, potash and phosphorus fertilizers in the field. There is a possibility of termite outbreak in crops and vegetables during this season. So farmers should monitor the crops. If infestation is observed, give Chlorpyriphos 20 EC @ 4.0 ml/Lit with irrigation water.

Monitor paddy blast disease regularly

Farmers should regularly monitor their fields during this season. If infestation of white fly or sucking insects is seen in crops and vegetables, then mix imidacloprid medicine in 1.0 ml/3 liter of water and spray it when the sky is clear.

During this season, farmers should monitor the attack of paddy blast (Badra) disease at an interval of every 2 to 3 days. The indicator of this disease is a small eye-like spot in the leaves. The inside of which is light brown and the outside is dark brown. Going ahead, many spots join together to become a big spot.

Pay attention to these diseases also

In this season, there is a lot of possibility of false smut coming in paddy (Pusa Sugandh-2511). Due to the arrival of this disease, the grains of paddy swell in size, for its prevention, mix Blightox 50 at the rate of 500 grams per acre as required and spray it 2-3 times at an interval of 10 days.

In this season the attack of brown plant hopper which destroys the paddy crop may start. Therefore, the farmer should go inside the field and inspect the mosquito-like insect instead of the lower part of the plant. If the infestation of the pest is high, then spray Imidacloprid @ 0.3 ml per liter when the sky is clear.

Spray only when the sky is clear

To monitor the stem borer pest in paddy crop, apply pheromone trap at the rate of 4-6 per acre and if the infestation is more then spray Kartap medicine 4% granules 10 kg per acre. Whereas fruit borer, top borer in vegetables (chilli, brinjal) and pheromone trap in cauliflower and cabbage for monitoring of diamond sack moth, apply pheromone trap at the rate of 4-6 per acre. If the outbreak is more, then spray the medicine after mixing it in 1.0 ml/4 liter of water when the sky is clear.

Follow this method to kill harmful insects

In chilli and tomato fields, uproot the plants affected by virus disease and bury them in the ground. If the outbreak is high, apply imidacloprid @ 0.3 ml. Spray at the rate of per liter when the sky is clear. Light traps can also be used to control pests.

For this, mix water and some insecticide in a plastic tub or any vessel, light a bulb and keep it in the middle of the field at night. Insects will be attracted by the light and die by falling on the same solution. Many types of harmful insects will be destroyed by this method.

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