Alert! Big news for the farmers cultivating papaya… these days this disease is causing damage, do this work immediately

अलर्ट! पपीते की खेती करने वाले किसानों के लिए बड़ी खबर...इन दिनों ये बीमारी पहुंचा रही है नुकसान, तुरंत करें ये काम

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This disease of papaya plant is caused by a fungus called Aspersporium carica, formerly known as Cercospora carica. This disease is found worldwide

Suman Kumar Choudhary

In the rainy season, a new disease has started appearing in the papaya plant which can ruin the entire crop. Farmers should not panic about this disease, but to deal with this disease, take treatment after consulting a scientist. There will be a good harvest. The disease is caused by a fungus called Aspersporium carica, formerly known as Cercospora carica. This disease is found all over the world such as Asia, Africa, North, South and Central America, Caribbean, Oceania. It has also been reported from Australia, Fiji, French Polynesia, New Caledonia and the Solomon Islands. The main host of this disease is papaya.

Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University, Pusa, Samastipur, Bihar Director Research and Associate Principal Investigator, Director of All India Fruit Research Project, Professor Dr. SK Singh is telling the farmers about this disease through TV9Digital. .

what is the cause of this disease

This disease was first seen in the year 2020 under the agro-climatic conditions of Bihar. It is being seen once again in the year 2021, the main reason for this being the heavy moisture in the atmosphere this year. Due to continuous rains, this disease is being seen in great intensity. It is important to know the main symptoms and life cycle of this disease, its effects, how to easily identify and manage it, otherwise there will be a huge loss.

main symptom of disease

This disease develops on papaya leaves with irregular round shape, 3-6 mm diameter, on older leaves; They are brown above with a yellowish tinge; Underneath, the spores develop dark brown or black spots. If leaves are severely infected they turn brown and die. The spots on the fruit are also brown to black and slightly sunken.
The spores from the underside of the leaves are spread by wind and wind-driven rain. There is a long distance spread when the fruits are traded in the markets.

trees are sick

Usually, earlier this disease was a small problem, but this year due to the drastic change in the environment, the diseases which were a small problem earlier are facing us as a big problem today. Too many speckled leaves result in extensive leaf drop. If this happens, the growth of trees is affected, and fruit yields are lower than in healthy trees. Infestations of young fruits also cause them to drop, and infestations on mature fruits affect their market quality. Humidity in the season makes this disease manifold.

inspection and inspection

Look for dark spots on the fruit and undersides of the leaves where the spores are produced; The spots on the top surface are light brown with margins, and fade in colour. Spots are mostly seen on older leaves. Leaves dry out or die early in case of excessive spots. The spots on the leaves can be easily seen from below.

Management of papaya black spot disease

For the management of this disease, it is necessary that first of all it should be controlled by different methods. Immediately remove infected leaves and fruits as soon as they appear, take them out of the field and burn them.

chemical control

This disease can be easily managed by spraying by dissolving in copper oxy chloride, Mancozeb or Chlorothalonil @ 2 g/Lit of water. Be sure to spray to the undersides of the leaves, as this is where the spores are produced. Tebuconazole @ 1.5 ml/l can also be used to manage this disease.


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