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Akash Missile System: What are the features of Akash Prime missile, how will it strengthen the Indian Army?

Akash Missile: Akash Missile

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Akash Missile: Based on 96 percent indigenous technology, this is the country’s most important missile system, which has now been approved by the government to export to other countries as well.

Self-reliant India Campaign (Atmanirbhar Bharat AbhiyanIndia is continuously increasing its capabilities in the world of aerospace by manufacturing defense platforms and different types of missiles. In this sequence, the army has made Make in India (Make in India) has proposed to the government to buy air defense missile systems. Now the Indian Army will get two new regiments of Akash Prime missiles to boost its capability to shoot down enemy aircraft and drones. However, the Indian Army already has Akash Missile Defense System (AKS).Missile Systems) has two regiments, which were deployed on the China border after the violence in Galwan Valley.

Now getting two more regiments will give more strength to the country’s air defense. Akash missile is considered to be one of the most successful missiles. Let us tell you that the army already has two regiments of Akash missiles. Let us know about its features.

One of the most successful indigenous missiles

The Akash missile, designed and developed by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and manufactured by Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL), is one of the most successful indigenous missiles inducted into the Indian Army and Air Force. This missile was inducted into the Indian Air Force in 2014 and the Indian Army in 2015.

Based on 96 percent indigenous technology, it is the country’s most important missile system, which has now been approved by the government to export to other countries. This missile was also showcased during many international exhibitions like Defense Expo, Aero India. 9 countries of East Asia and Africa have shown interest in buying Akash missile system.

Features of Akash Prime Missile

  1. Akash Prime missiles are equipped with indigenous Active Radio Frequency (RF) for better accuracy.
  2. Unlike the older version of Akash, the Prime missile has been upgraded to ensure greater reliability in low temperature environments at high altitudes.
  3. The existing Akash Prime system has further enhanced the confidence of the Indian Army and Indian Air Force during the trials.
  4. By deploying the missile at an altitude of up to 4,500 meters, the target can be hit at a distance of about 25-30 km.

Proposal to add two regiments

Actually, the Indian Army wants to add two more regiments for deployment along the border with Pakistan and China. The Indian Army has proposed to the Defense Ministry to form two regiments of Akash Prime missiles. The new Akash missiles have better performance range than the earlier versions.

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Its primary objective is to avoid any aircraft infiltration along the mountainous borders with Pakistan and China. Its acquisition cost will be Rs 10,000 crore. The Western and South Western Commands of the Indian Army have conducted about a dozen test firings of the current version of the Akash Prime missiles.

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