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Agricultural scientist started strawberry cultivation as an experiment, earning good money

Strawberry Farming: The farmer cultivates in the traditional way, for which he does not get a good price. Horticulture farming should be started as an experiment to increase the income of the farmers.

Earning good income from strawberry cultivation.

Retired agricultural scientist of Jawaharlal Nehru Agricultural University, Jabalpur cultivated strawberry (Strawberry Farming) has achieved a new height. So far the results of the cultivation done as an experiment are showing beneficial. By cultivating strawberries for the first time in 10 decimals, since August 2021, about 600 kg production has been taken. Whose price in the market is currently 200 to 300 rupees per kg depending on the quality. They are earning well. We are talking about Dr AK Naidu. He told that for the first time strawberry cultivation was done experimentally in 10 decimil farm. He is in Horticulture (Horticulture) at Agricultural University.Horticulture) posted in the Dept. For this reason the farmers (Farmers) to be used as a cash crop. Which has got good results so far.

Dr. Naidu told that in August 2021, tissue culture plants were brought and planted. Which costs 15 to 20 rupees per plant. Planted 20 thousand saplings, which kept strawberry seedlings one-and-a-half feet between the beds and the plant-to-plant distance of one foot. Strawberry is a species of creeper plant. One plant can yield up to three years. But it has to be shifted every year. When the temperature is between 25 to 30 degree Celsius, fruits start appearing in good quantity in it. The fruits turn red when they ripen. Pack it in packets of 200-200 grams and send it to Jabalpur fruit market. Till now a price of Rs 200 to 300 per kg has been received. In the beginning the price is good, but as the heat increases, its price decreases a bit.

Strawberry is a perishable crop

The farmer cultivates in the traditional way, but he does not get a good price. Strawberry crop has been planted as an experiment to increase the income of farmers. If the weather favors, then production will be available by May. So far, up to 600 kg of fruits have been sold. It is a perishable fruit when the temperature rises. For this reason it is very important to harvest it on time and deliver it to the market. At the same time, if it is sold as a by-product of ice cream, bakery items, juices, then there can be more profit. So far the result has been fine. Farmers can easily adopt this crop. Just getting its plantation and material is a bit difficult.

Farming as a first experiment

Dr. Naidu told that farmers can first plant it as an experiment. If you get good experience, then apply it on a bigger level. The main cultivation of strawberries is more in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. But now the people of the plains have also started doing it. The best loamy soil is suitable for this. It can be cultivated well by laying mulching in raised beds 15 cm from the surface. It is more beneficial to adopt drip method for irrigation. The amount of manure and fertilizers depends on the fertile strength and yield of the soil.

Irrigation by drip method

In such beds, 5-10 kg of well decomposed cow dung and 50 grams of fertilizer mixture-can, super phosphate and muriate of potash can be given in the ratio of 2:2:1. Strawberry plants have deep roots, so a lack of moisture can damage the plant and cause the plant to die. Even a slight lack of irrigation affects the size and quality of fruits. Strawberry crop needs frequent light irrigation. Irrigation should be done by drip method at an interval of 10-15 days in winter and 4-5 days in summer.

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