After the floods and heavy rains, the farmers of Maharashtra are now facing the shortage of urea.

ऊन और मुर्गी के पंख से बनेगा पशुओं के लिए चारा व उर्वरक, वैज्ञानिकों ने विकसित की है खास विधि

Farmers are troubled by the shortage of urea.

The problems of the farmers of Maharashtra are not taking the name of lessening. The farmers, who have faced the problems of floods and excessive rains, are troubled by the apathy of the government these days. At present, there is a shortage of fertilizers in some districts. Due to which the cotton crop is being badly affected. Whereas Urea Fertilizer is very important for a good crop of cotton. Farmers are upset due to shortage of urea in Wardha district of Maharashtra. Since the last fortnight, farmers are making rounds of Krishi Seva Kendras in many areas, but due to non-availability of urea, they have to return empty handed.

At present, there is a need of urea in cotton manure, so due to non-availability of fertilizer in their district, farmers are forced to go to other districts to bring urea. Cotton area is substantial in Wardha district. This year the crop is already in danger due to excessive rains. Therefore, at this time good availability of manure was needed.

Farmers are paying high price

Farmers are trying to use urea for better cotton production and plant growth. But the availability of manure is not getting compared to the demand. Although a 45 kg sack of urea fertilizer is worth Rs 266, but here farmers have to buy it at a higher price. Due to non-availability of fertilizers at most of the agricultural centers in the rural department, farmers are going to buy in Wardha as well as Amravati, Yavatmal, Nagpur district.

Wardha farmers say that the crops have already been damaged due to heavy rains. Due to which we farmers have suffered loss of lakhs. Now there are few remaining crops but we are not able to get urea fertilizer for that. To get urea fertilizer, we have to go to other districts, in which we spend more.

Will be distributed in rural department

It has been told that there is a buffer stock of 2,700 metric tonnes of urea fertilizer in Godown of Wakhar Mahamandal at the district level. Which will now be supplied in the rural area after the recognition of the District Magistrate. Urea is used to increase the fertility of the soil. Now nano urea liquid has also gone, in which farmers will get urea only in 500 ml bottle instead of 45 kg sack.

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