After the cabinet meeting, the police raided in Bhind, the trader was selling 1200 fertilizers for 1500

कैबिनेट की बैठक के बाद पुलिस ने भिंड में मारा छापा, 1200 की खाद 1500 में बेच रहा था व्यापारी

Raid on fertilizer shop in Bhind.

Farmers in many districts of Madhya Pradesh are troubled by the shortage of fertilizers. Sowing of Rabi crops has started. At such a time, the shortage of fertilizers is wasting the hard work of the farmers. In the meeting of Shivraj Singh cabinet on Tuesday, it was discussed to deal with this problem. After this, in the night itself, the police raided in Bhinde district and caught manure. Bhind district seems to be most affected by the fertilizer crisis. Here farmers have to stand in long queues for hours for fertilizer. Obviously someone is doing black marketing of it. Due to which the credibility of the government is being discounted.

Troubled by the displeasure of the farmers, the government has started strict on those who do black marketing of fertilizers. Police raided a fertilizer godown in Bhind’s Gormi. SP Manoj Kumar Singh found 130 sacks of DAP in the godown. Around 200 bags were sold overnight. According to the police, the trader was selling a sack of 1200 rate for Rs 1500. There is a severe shortage of DAP fertilizer in the district for the last two weeks.

Instructions to stop black marketing

Rabi sowing season is going on, so there is a panic among the farmers for fertilizers. In view of the shortage of fertilizers in the state, on Tuesday, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had called a meeting of high officials regarding DAP. In which instructions were issued to stop black marketing and ensure the supply of fertilizers. In this connection, the responsibility of the collectors was also fixed.

What is the shortage of manure?

There is a shortage of 2 lakh tonnes of urea and 4 lakh tonnes of DAP in Madhya Pradesh this year as compared to last year. It is worth noting that the time has come for sowing of Rabi crop in 29 districts of the state but adequate manure is not available. In the cabinet meeting on Tuesday, the state government has also increased the subsidy on DAP by Rs 438 per bag. At the same time, the central government has been urged to provide adequate manure to the state.

Then why is Kamal Patel giving such a statement?

On the one hand, in the meeting of Shivraj cabinet, the central government has been requested to provide adequate manure to the state, on the other hand Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel has given a statement that artificial crisis is being created to defame the government. He said that the system of distribution of fertilizers is being decentralized in Madhya Pradesh. Due to this, DAP, urea fertilizers will also be distributed through the defaulting cooperatives.

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