After Punjab, political upheaval in Rajasthan too! 4 MLAs who joined Congress from BSP reached Delhi, may join BJP

पंजाब के बाद राजस्थान में भी सियासी उठापटक! दिल्ली पहुंचे BSP से कांग्रेस में शामिल हुए 4 विधायक, थाम सकते हैं बीजेपी का दामन

In the midst of the ongoing political turmoil in Punjab, the turmoil continues in Rajasthan as well. Out of 6 MLAs who joined Congress from BSP, 4 MLAs can now join BJP.

In the midst of the ongoing political turmoil in Punjab, uproar in Rajasthan (Rajasthan Political Crisis) ) continues. Out of 6 MLAs who joined Congress from BSP, 4 MLAs are now adopting rebellious attitude. All these MLAs are presently present in Delhi. There are speculations that these MLAs may soon join BJP (Congress MLA Can Join BJP). All MLAs can meet Amit Shah. If things work out, Congress MLAs can join BJP.

6 BSP MLAs had joined the Congress a long time ago. It is being said that at that time CM Ashok Gehlot had assured him of a ministerial post. Four MLAs are angry with the party for not getting a place in the Gehlot cabinet. According to the news, he is making up his mind to join the BJP. At the same time, all these 6 MLAs are afraid of going to the assembly under the anti-defection law. In such a situation, all the MLAs have reached Delhi (Congress MLA Reached Delhi).

4 Congress MLAs may join BJP

Some time ago, the Supreme Court had asked all the 6 MLAs to present report cards for changing parties under the anti-defection law. After the order of the court, now the MLAs are afraid of cancellation of membership. It is also being said that these MLAs have reached Delhi to discuss legal measures. The MLAs who joined Congress from BSP include Wajib Ali, Sandeep Yadav, Lakhan Meena, Deepchand Kheria, Jogendra Awana and Rajendra Gudha. He also won on BSP ticket in 2018. But in September 2019, all of them had joined the Congress.

Political upheaval in Rajasthan

Let us tell you that the political situation in Punjab is not good these days. Now the clouds of crisis are hovering over the Rajasthan Congress too. BJP MLA Ramlal Sharma said that Punjab-like situation can happen in Rajasthan too soon. He said that for the last three years, the fight for supremacy is going on in the party. The people of the state have to bear the brunt of this. The BJP leader said that even in Rajasthan, the destabilizing situation of the government has started to form. Soon Punjab-like situation will be seen here too.

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