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Afghanistan: Crores of people on the verge of starvation under Taliban rule, ready to sell children to feed their stomachs

Women’s demonstration in Kabul (Photo: AP/PTI)

When democracy collapses, it is necessary to understand the condition of neighboring country Afghanistan to understand the fate of the people. Something similar is happening with the Afghan people. Where there is now the rule of the Taliban and within a few months of rule, there has been a situation of starvation in front of the people there. Due to poverty and hunger, people are selling even the child. Many innocent people have died due to lack of food and treatment.

Even after two and a half months of Taliban rule, the voice of Haq and Hukuk is rising in Afghanistan. Afghan women are demanding the right to education and employment under Taliban rule. Seeking the intervention of the United Nations. The worst situation under Taliban rule is regarding employment. Offices are being locked in Afghanistan. Banks are on the verge of closure. From Kabul to Kandahar, people are making a living by selling TVs, fridges, beds, sofas of their homes. Not only this, Afghan citizens are also selling pieces of their liver to fill their stomach.

According to a report, there are many families in Afghanistan who have sold their children or are ready to sell. Recently, a mother sold her few-month-old baby girl for $ 500 i.e. about 37 thousand rupees to save the rest of her children from starvation. Meaning, it has become difficult for the people to feed their stomachs since the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan. Many children have become victims of malnutrition and are suffering from lack of treatment.

Especially the condition of minority community and orphan children is worst. Recently, eight children died of hunger in the city of Itefaq in western Kabul. These children were making a living by doing small jobs, but they had no work left under the Talibani regime. These news coming from the Taliban rule are confirming that the economy of the country is going through a very bad phase or rather that the economy of Afghanistan has collapsed.

Taliban’s new plan to tackle hunger

A UN report is also saying that people in Afghanistan are on the verge of starvation, but the Taliban government has no concrete plan to rescue the country from famine and starvation. However, now the Taliban government has started a new plan to deal with starvation. Under this, the workers in the country will not be given money as wages, but wheat will be given.

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said that under this scheme of food for work, 40 thousand men will be given work only in the capital Kabul. In Kabul, laborers will be given jobs such as digging canals and making moats for snow. The purpose of this scheme is to give work to those people who do not have any work at present. Those who are facing the threat of starvation in the beginning of winter..they will be given work under this scheme. According to the Taliban, the grain for work scheme will run for two months. During this 11,600 tonnes of wheat will be distributed only in the capital Kabul. 55,000 tonnes of wheat will be distributed in Herat, Jalalabad, Kandahar, Mazar-e-Sharif and Pol-e-Khomri districts.

Apart from poverty and hunger, another crisis is deepening on Afghanistan..that is the power crisis. Electricity supply is getting disrupted due to non-payment of electricity supply to neighboring countries. On the other hand, the United Nations has already warned that winters in the country will prove to be very dangerous.

2.28 crore people are facing severe food insecurity – UN

According to David Beasley, executive director of the UN’s World Food Program, about 22.28 million people out of Afghanistan’s total population of 309 million are currently facing severe food insecurity. Those who are on the verge of starvation are showing signs. Two months ago, the number of such Afghans was only about 14 million. According to this UN report, if food and money are not arranged in time, then the situation will become frightening. Children and old people will start dying of hunger in Afghanistan.

In fact, three quarters of the Afghan economy depends on international aid. Afghanistan’s trouble has increased even more because its assets in America and other countries have been frozen. Along with this, the help received through international organizations has also been banned. At the same time, former President of Afghanistan Amrullal Saleh has said that Pakistan is responsible for this condition of Afghanistan, because Afghanistan is not occupied by Taliban but by Pakistan.

According to Saleh, Afghanistan’s GDP has fallen by about 30 percent in the last two and a half months. The poverty level has reached 90 per cent.. Civil services have come to a standstill.. and banks are closed. There women are being made slaves in the name of Sharia. The urban middle class has left the country. The freedom of expression of the media has been banned. Saleh has also claimed that decisions related to Afghanistan’s foreign and defense are taken at the army headquarters in Pakistan. And Doha has become the center of Afghanistan’s diplomacy.

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