Academic session will be extended in schools of Jharkhand, notification will be issued by the end of this month, know how long the session will increase

झारखंड के स्कूलों में बढ़ाया जाएगा शैक्षणिक सत्र, इस महीने के अंत तक जारी होगी अधिसूचना, जानें कब तक बढ़ेगा सेशन

Academic session will increase in Jharkhand schools (Photo: NewsNCR)

Notification related to extension of academic session in schools may be issued soon in Jharkhand. This decision has been taken to compensate for the loss in the education of children due to the enforced lockdown of Corona epidemic. Officials said that due to the closure of educational institutions due to Corona, the children have been left far behind in studies, to fulfill that the session will be extended in the schools run by the state government.

Extended session to last till 2024

A senior official of the state education and literacy department told The Telegraph that the decision to extend the academic session has been taken after several surveys. Because due to the lockdown imposed due to Corona, the schools remained closed for about one and a half years, due to which there has been a loss in the education of the children. It was told that the extended academic session will be applicable till the year 2024. The formal announcement of the extension in the academic session will be made by the end of this month. With this, Jharkhand will become the first state in the country to notify the extension of the academic session. The idea of ​​continuing this arrangement for the next two sessions has been proposed.

Session will not end on March 31

According to the sources of the Education and Literacy Department, the academic session of the year 2021-22 will not end on March 31, but will continue till June 30. According to the new system, the academic session will be extended for three months. After this, the session for the year 2022-23 will be extended till May 31 and for the year 2023-24 till April 30. After this, from the year 2024-25, the session will end on the predetermined date of March 31.

92 percent of children have forgotten a language

A survey conducted by the Azim Premji Foundation has found that 92 percent of children have lost the ability to at least one language, while 82 percent have lost mathematical skills. A recent survey report titled “Locked Out: Emergency Report on School Education” suggests that only 28 per cent students in rural areas and 47 per cent in urban areas were studying regularly during the lockdown.

Government is serious about the loss in studies

It is worth noting that now the Jharkhand government is also planning to reopen schools for classes 1st to 5th. State Finance Minister Rameshwar Oraon said that the government is taking this matter seriously. Chief Minister Hemant Soren is very sensitive about the loss in studies due to COVID. The Finance Minister said that after the festivals, a decision will be taken on conducting classes from class one to fifth.

Schools from one to fifth will be opened soon

Rajesh Kumar Sharma, Secretary, Department of Education and Literacy said that discussions have been held to extend the academic session. He said that it has been discussed. However, no final decision has been taken yet. We have also sent a proposal to the State Disaster Management to reopen the primary schools between Class I and V. After the festival, only after getting the approval of the Department of Disaster Management, we will issue a notification to open the primary school.

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