A little oil can come out of several lakh rose flowers, then what is the use?

कई लाख गुलाब के फूलों से निकल पाता है थोड़ा सा तेल, फिर ये क्या काम आता है?

Rose leaves have to be processed within 12 hours of plucking.

Rose Oil Making Process: The process of extracting rose oil is very difficult and more than 20 lakh flowers are used to make one liter of oil.

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You must have heard a lot about rose water and also used it for different reasons. But do you know that oil also comes out from rose flowers and that oil is useful in many things. But, the story of making this oil is something else, due to which this oil is very valuable. If you too have never heard about this oil before, then today we tell you what rose oil is used for and how it is made…

Apart from this, we will also tell you that if one liter of rose oil is to be made, then how many roses are used. Also you will know how rose oil is used…

According to a DW report, the special thing is that these roses are plucked only when the dew drops have accumulated on them, for this, the farmers who make rose oil break it before the sun rises. What happens is that if the sun starts shining with the rising of the sun, then the oil present in the petals flies away. One-fourth less oil is obtained from this and if there is more heat then only half of the oil gets saved in the flowers. It takes a month for these flowers to be ready.

By the way, rose leaves have to be taken in the process within 12 hours of plucking, otherwise its oil starts drying. For this, more damask rose is used. The day it rains, the rose buds come on the next day, so the farmers wish for rain. Most of it is cultivated in Turkey.

How many roses are needed?

You will be surprised to know that about 3 to 4 tons of roses are required to make one liter of rose oil and breaking rose petals is a very difficult task. That is, if one liter of rose oil is needed, then about 20 lakh roses will be required for this, when rose oil will be available.

How much does a bottle of oil sell for?

You must be thinking that when one liter of oil has to be worked so hard, then its oil will also be sold very expensive. Yes, you are thinking right, because the price of one liter bottle of oil is between Rs.3 lakh to Rs.25 lakh in the international market.

What works?

Rosehip oil is essential for many perfumes. Apart from this, it is also used in many beauty projects. Most of its business is done in Sparta of Turkey, where many types of cents etc. are found and things made from rose leaves are also found. However, now its business is decreasing and people are getting away from it due to less profit with more hard work.

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