A crocodile opened the pole of the rescue operation, the gate of the car got jammed on the spot, the employees took them by sitting on the driver’s seat

एक मगरमच्छ ने खोल दी रेस्क्यू ऑपरेशन की पोल, मौके पर गाड़ी का गेट हो गया जाम, ड्राइवर सीट पर बैठा कर ले गए कर्मचारी

Crocodile being carried in a car.

Residents were stunned after a 9-feet-long crocodile emerged in the city center, a residential area of ​​Shivpuri. The rescue team was called in a hurry, after which the rescue team reached the spot and rescued the crocodile.

The matter did not cool down at that point. When the rescue team tied the crocodile and wanted to keep it in the rescue vehicle, the rear gate of the rescue vehicle did not open, due to which the rescue team had to take the crocodile sitting near the driver’s seat, risking its life. At the same time, the rescue team told that after catching the crocodile, it remains calm for some time. But the peace of the crocodile does not last long. He comes into action again after some time and at such times he breaks the tied rope. Due to which the life of the rescue team also remains in danger.

On Saturday evening, a big crocodile was seen in the drain near the SP Kothi Colony of the city centre. When the nearby people gave the crocodile close to the house, they informed the management of Madhav National Park about this. It is dangerous to catch such an animal at night, but still the staff caught the crocodile. The team reached the spot at 9.30.

vehicle did not come for a long time

When the gate of the car did not open, the rescue team called for another vehicle. But for a long time no other vehicle came. After this, the team members put their lives at risk and kept close to the driver’s seat. Due to being heavy, the crocodile was hardly put in the car.

problem in all vehicles

Ramesh Shakya, the driver of the crocodile’s rescue operation, said, “There are four to five vehicles near the park. I am the only driver. All vehicles have some problem or the other. Have written to the authorities many times. But nothing has happened yet.”

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