A 55-storey building being built with Rs 37,72,27,75,000, even an epidemic like corona will not harm the people.

37,72,27,75,000 रुपये से बनाई जा रही 55 मंजिला बिल्डिंग, कोरोना जैसी महामारी भी लोगों का कुछ नहीं बिगाड़ पाएगी

First Pandemic Ready Skyscraper: The residents of this building will be safe from the epidemic

The first and second wave of the corona epidemic caused a lot of damage to countries around the world. Be it strong countries like America, India, Britain or countries like Bangladesh, Brazil… Corona did not leave anyone. Almost every section has been affected by this epidemic in countries around the world. Before Corona, the Spanish flu also wreaked havoc.

Scientists made almost every effort to avoid such epidemics. The result of those efforts is that today from epidemic medicine to vaccine is available. But could there have been other measures to prevent epidemics? Can a place be prepared where the epidemic cannot step? Any such building, where the occupant can be safe from epidemics!

Efforts are being made in this city of America

To keep away from the epidemic, building developers in Florida, USA, have started construction of the world’s first skyscraper where epidemics will not explode. All measures are being taken to protect the residents of this legacy tower being built in Florida from future epidemics. It will feature bacteria killing robots, touchless technology and modern air purification systems.

$500 million 55-storey building

This building will be of 55 floors. Its construction is estimated to cost $ 500 million i.e. 37,72,27,75,000 rupees. The hotels and houses built in it will be built keeping in mind the epidemic. There will be all such facilities for the people, so that they will not have to go out anywhere in everyday need or any other kind of difficulty. In this way people’s time will not be wasted. It is being claimed that all the facilities will be available in the building on time.

Watch the video here:

Hotel and hospital also in the building

Hotels and hospitals will also be built in this skyscraper, which will keep people safe from the epidemic. It is being told that all the facilities to protect against the epidemic will be present in this building. For cleaning, such robots will be used here which will kill the bacteria before they arise. These robots will keep the building bacteria free.

Touchless technology will be used to enter the elevator. Along with this, there will be an air purification system in it. There will be hospitals in the building itself, so that people can get immediate treatment if needed. Especially the ventilation system, oxygen support and all such facilities will be taken care of. The building is expected to be completed by the year 2024.

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