80-year-old man was living with his wife’s body for 5 days in Kolkata, police arrived after complaining of foul smell

कोलकाता में 5 दिनों से पत्नी के शव के साथ रह रहा था 80 वर्षीय वृद्ध, दुर्गंध फैलने की शिकायत के बाद पहुंची पुलिस तो हुआ खुलासा

Photo: Old man was living with dead wife in Bidhannagar.

Durga Puja (Durga PujaDuring ) the whole of Kolkata is immersed in gaiety. At the same time, a painful incident has come to light from Bidhannagar area of ​​Kolkata. In the Mali Pada Bagan Sardar area of ​​Bidhannagar, an 80-year-old old man found the dead body of his wife (Wife Dead Body) for the last five days and did not inform the people living in the neighbourhood, but when the foul odor started spreading from the body, the neighbors informed the police. police (Police) seized the body of the old lady and it has been sent for post-mortem, while the old man has been sent to the mental hospital. Police has started investigation of the whole matter.

According to the information, retired Dulal Das Burman and his wife Deepti were living in Sardar Pada for the last twenty years. Deepti Das Burman was lying in bed for many years due to physical illness. From the day of Mahasaptami, foul smell started emanating from his house. When Tapas Chaudhary, the owner of the house asked the old man, he told that his wife’s body had blisters due to physical illness and there was a bad smell from there. However, the landlord claimed that he did not inform about the death of his wife.

Strong odor started coming from the house on Thursday morning

On Thursday, the morning of Mahanavami, the foul smell coming from the house intensified. The local people informed the landlord about this. After this the person informed the airport police and when the police reached and asked old man Dulal Burman, he said that his wife is alive. He was not ready to accept that his wife was dead. When the police forcibly entered the house, they were shocked to see that the old woman had died and the smell was coming from the decomposition of the dead body. Police recovered the body and sent it to the hospital for post-mortem. However, the police estimate that the old woman had died on the day of Panchami.

The old man was living with the dead wife for five days

The old man stayed with his dead wife for five days. He has been feeding and giving water to his wife for five days. Local sources said that the elderly couple has two sons. The eldest son Biplab Das Burman lives in Delhi in connection with employment and the youngest son Bishu Das lives in Burmangova. The police has already sent them the news. A local resident said, “They have been living here for many years. I did not see his wife for many days. Because he was ill. There was a bad smell for several days. But I did not understand that this would happen. We are speechless now just thinking of this. The owner of the house said, “We were smelling bad for three days. At first I didn’t understand where the smell was coming from. We interrogated him, but he does not believe that his wife is dead. He slept and ate in the bed with her. They have been renting for twenty years. Never looked different.”

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