70 thousand farmers in Bihar will get the first installment of Rabi assistance today! State government will distribute a total of Rs 226 crore

बिहार में 70 हजार किसानों को आज मिलेगी रबी सहायता राशि की पहली किश्त! कुल 226 करोड़ रुपए बांटेगी प्रदेश सरकार

According to a report, the number of farmers who suffered losses in the Rabi season is about 70 thousand. The government is trying to give them relief by giving them compensation, which will start from September 13.

Bihar government is helping farmers

The farmers of Bihar can get relief this evening. Under the Bihar Fasal Sahayata Yojana, the state government will pay cash to the farmers to compensate for the loss in the production of the Rabi season (2020-21) crop. The benefit of this scheme will be available to the eligible farmers of both ryot and non ryot. According to the reports received so far, the state government will distribute about 226 crores.

There has been a loss of 28 crores for the Kharif season

The state government has informed that so far Rs 218 crore 40 lakh has been paid to the farmers to compensate for the loss caused in the last Kharif season. Similarly, the crops of about 4 lakh 63 thousand farmers were damaged in the Rabi season, out of which the cooperative department has distributed assistance to more than 4 lakh farmers, the remaining farmers will be sent the amount in a day or two.

70 thousand farmers got eligible

After scrutiny of the applications that came under the Rabi Fasal Assistance Scheme, only 70 thousand farmers were found eligible. The government will distribute about 30 crore rupees as compensation among these farmers. The money will reach the farmers’ account in one to two days.

34 districts selected in Kharif season

Under the Bihar Crop Assistance Scheme, 34 districts have been selected in the Kharif season. These are the districts where farmers’ crops have been affected by the disaster and production has been less than average. For this, about 16 lakh 30 thousand 288 farmers had applied, but after investigation the number has decreased. Payment will be made only after complete scrutiny.

Which farmers will get compensation

According to the guidelines of the scheme, farmers will get compensation amount only for a maximum of two hectares of land. The state government started its crop assistance scheme two years ago in place of the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana. If the production is less than one percent of the average, the government will give compensation to the farmers.

If there is a loss of one to 20 percent of the crop, then seven and a half thousand rupees will be given as compensation per hectare. If the loss is more than 20 percent, then the amount of grant-in-aid will be ten thousand rupees per hectare. A farmer can get compensation for a maximum area of ​​two hectares.

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