650 crore cryptocurrency reached people’s account due to a mistake, then the company’s CAO made this request

एक चूक से लोगों के अकाउंट में पहुंची 650 करोड़ की क्रिप्टोकरेंसी, फिर कंपनी के सीएओ ने लगाई ये गुहार

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that can only be transacted online.

In the age of internet, digital currency has made its own identity. This is the reason why the use of cryptocurrencies is now increasing rapidly around the world. Meanwhile, a case has come to the fore about which everyone will be surprised to hear about it. In fact, a company recently made a statement that due to a mistake, about 90 million dollars of cryptocurrency has been sent to some users.

According to a report, decentralized financial platform Compound, in a recent statement, said that a bug caused users to mistakenly transfer about $ 90 million (about Rs 650 crore) of cryptocurrency. To take it back, the company’s CEO has requested users to return all the erroneously sent cryptocurrencies. Actually all this happened when all these cryptocurrencies reached their account without the users investing.

The company’s CO appealed on social media and said that if anyone has received any such amount, then please return it to the compound timelock. Along with this, he has also warned people to report to the Revenue Service. It is being said that due to a technical flaw between updates to the decentralized finance platform Compound, this cryptocurrency reached people’s accounts.

Let us tell you that the trend of cryptocurrencies has increased a lot in the last few years. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that can only be transacted online. People are investing heavily in cryptocurrencies. This is the reason why some investors consider cryptocurrencies to be very beneficial for investment. That’s why in the last days people’s trend has also increased in cryptocurrencies.

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