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13 feet long snake found in the forest, bulldozer had to be called for lifting – read full report

13 feet long snake found in the forest

Many strange things are seen and heard on social media. You all must know that there are many types of creatures in the world. Some such creatures are often seen by people, then there are many such creatures who come in front of people for a long time. Now a snake has been found on social media in the forest of Caribbean Island of Dominica. After seeing this, social media users are quite surprised. Now the pictures of this snake are becoming increasingly viral on social media. It can be seen in the photos that this snake is so big that the people present there called the bulldozer to lift it.

For information, let us tell you that people have caught this snake alive. When this snake was not removed from humans, then the existing people had to get bulldozers. Let us tell you that a video of this was also shared on Tiktok, which has been viewed about 79 million times. It was seen in the video going viral that when the snake was caught with a bulldozer and placed on the other side, its real size was seen, after which everyone was stunned.

During this, the body of the snake was completely dry. When the snake was picked up, many people gathered to keep it in a truck. The snake was so big and fat that even three people together could not lift it. According to the report, this snake is a native of the Caribbean island itself. It can grow up to 13 feet.

When users saw this video, they got to see a lot of reactions. Some were surprised to see the video, so there were people who called the video fake. However, the truth of this video has not been revealed yet. Talking about people’s comments, one user wrote while commenting, ‘Can a snake be so big that it needs a bulldozer to lift it’ Another user wrote, ‘I believe that there are many strange things in the world. Things get to see’ Apart from this, other users had shared a surprising emoji.

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