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Winter Care: Choose the right cream according to the skin tone in winter, do not make these mistakes while applying cream

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In the cold season, people often eat laziness or when the cold is more, people start avoiding to wash their hands again and again. But if you do not do this, your skin becomes useless. This is the reason that many types of skin problems start happening in winter. In the winter season, people stop taking care of the skin due to laziness. However, no one should do this. Like summer, the skin also needs special care in winter.

In the winter season, everyone’s skin starts becoming very dry and lifeless, to avoid this, most people apply cold cream. It often happens that people do not know their skin type and they apply any cream and later they do not understand that due to which acne, dryness, irritation and other problems are happening on the skin. That is, the creams we are applying in winter, they should be used only after selecting them properly.

Let us tell you how to choose the right cream according to your skin tone –

1. Dry skin

If your skin is dry, then it is clear that there is a lack of oil in your skin, due to which it becomes dry very quickly even after applying the cream on the skin. The cream does not work for long on such skin. In such a situation, dry skin cracks very quickly even in cold weather, for this type of skin you have to choose such a cream which includes hydrating properties.

2. Oily skin

Many people have oily skin even in winters. This type of skin leaves the face oily. Due to which the face of people with this skin becomes sticky after applying the cream. The problem of dust and soil, pimples is more on oily skin. In such a situation, those with oily skin should choose a cream such as gel, serum and such cream which has very little hydrating properties.

3. Sensitive skin

People with sensitive skin may have the problem of itching in the winter season, those with such skin should be very careful in choosing the cream for themselves, because most of the creams on this skin can be allergic. As far as possible, these people should opt for creams with antioxidants and without fragrances.

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