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Why should husband and wife not eat food in a plate, Bhishma Pitamah had told the secret of this to the Pandavas!

Many times people say that husband and wife should not eat together. This belief is very old. This was also mentioned by Bhishma Pitamah to the Pandavas, when they were about to lay down their lives by lying on the bed of arrows.

The grandfather, lying on the bed of arrows, gave knowledge to the Pandavas

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Often you must have heard people say that husband wife ,Husband-Wife) should not eat food in a plate. But why it is said so, people often do not know about it. During the war in the Mahabharata period, when Bhishma Pitamah (Bhishma PitamahWhen they were lying on the bed of arrows through a sieve, then the five Pandavas reached the grandfather. At that time Bhishma Pitamah told many wise things to the Pandavas. During this, while stating all the rules related to food, it was clarified that under what circumstances the food (FoodWhat is good to do and when is bad. Apart from this, the answer to why it is not right to eat food in the same plate with the wife is also contained in the knowledge given by Bhishma Pitamah. Know about it here.

That’s why don’t eat on a plate with wife

It is true that having food together increases love. Bhishma Pitamah also understood this very well. He believed that every person has many duties regarding the family. If those duties are to be performed honestly and to keep the family united, then do not eat food in a plate with the wife. By having food in a plate with the wife, the love of the wife becomes paramount for the husband as compared to other relations of the family. In such a situation, the mind of a person is corrupt and he is not able to differentiate between right and wrong. Such food is considered to be alcoholic. If wife’s love becomes paramount, then it becomes the cause of discord in the family and makes the person addicted. Therefore, one should not eat food in the same plate with the wife.

family should sit together and eat

Bhishma Pitamah said that all the brothers and other family members must sit together and have food. This increases love in the family. There is a feeling of sacrifice and dedication towards each other. The family progresses and the health of all the members of the family is also better.

such food is not worth eating

Bhishma Pitamah used to say that if someone crosses the plate served by you, then that food is considered contaminated like mud. It should be fed to the animal. On the other hand, if someone’s foot stumbles on the plate served, then such food should also be discarded with folded hands. Such food brings poverty. The food in which hair has come out should not be eaten. Due to this there is loss of money in the house.

(The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general interest.)

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Bhagyashree Soni
Bhagyashree Soni
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