Tourist Places: 5 Best Places To Visit Around Delhi On Weekend

Tourist Places : वीकेंड पर दिल्ली के आसपास घूमने के लिए 5 बेहतरीन जगहें

Tourist Places: As soon as the weekend approaches, people start planning to travel. In such a situation, if you live in Delhi, then you can plan to visit many great places around.

places to visit around delhi

The smell of earthy rain, clouds, fresh air and lush greenery make the month of September one of the best times to travel. If you live in or near Delhi, you can plan a trip around Delhi to enjoy the spectacular natural scenery.

Take a break from your daily life in Delhi and spend quality time with your friends and family at these famous places near Delhi in September.

places to visit around delhi

Almora – Take a break from your routine life and enjoy the rains in Almora. Almora is a good place to visit in September near Delhi. It is situated in the jungles of Himalayas and experiences pleasant weather in September. It is perfect to relieve stress. Take your loved ones with you and witness the beautiful and enchanting view of Almora.

Bharatpur – Bharatpur is mainly known for Keoladeo National Park. Thousands of rare and extinct species of birds are found in this. Whether you are a nature lover, bird watcher, or just want to calm your mind, you can visit Bharatpur in September. You can enjoy the spectacular views here with your friends and family. Not only this, there are also museums and temples in Bharatpur which you can visit during your visit.

Rishikesh – Rishikesh is one of the most popular tourist places near Delhi. Here you can do river rafting, trekking, yoga, meditation or even just sitting on the banks of the river. You can enjoy a walk on Laxman Jhula. You can participate in Ganga Aarti.

Bir Billing – Enjoy the fresh air of the mountains – Bir Billing is known for paragliding. However, you cannot enjoy this activity in September. Apart from this, Bir Billing is a beautiful hill station in Himachal and has many attractions to captivate you. To avoid the crowds of Delhi, plan to visit Bir Billing in September. The soothing atmosphere and breathtaking views can captivate anyone.

Kasauli – You can also visit Kasauli. One can experience the beauty and peace here. If you want to spend time with your loved ones and enjoy the beauty of nature, then definitely go to Kasauli. It offers a serene atmosphere and you can enjoy spectacular rain views here.

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