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These are the delicious dishes of Mussoorie, along with traveling, definitely try these dishes

Delicious dishes of Mussoorie

Mussoorie is known for its breathtaking views. Here you can enjoy delicious dishes during your trip. This popular tourist destination has many restaurants, food stalls, cafes etc. for the tourists. You can enjoy some delicious delicacies at these places. Here you will find variety in food.

It includes dishes ranging from Chinese to Indian to European. Let’s know which are the dishes that you must try at this captivating hill station.

8 delicious dishes of Mussoorie


Fanu is a dish that originated in Garhwal but due to migration of people you can enjoy this food in Mussoorie also. It is a nutritious and delicious dal, which is prepared using gahat, green moong and tur. It is usually eaten with rice. Enjoy this delicious dish in Mussoorie.

potato flakes

Potatoes are used in a variety of dishes. Potato Gutka is another delicious dish made from potatoes. This is a local snack recipe. It is made using very few spices. Eat this delicious dish with dal, rice and hemp chutney and enjoy a great taste.

hemp sauce

Bhang ki chutney is a common chutney in almost every household in Uttarakhand. Although it is definitely a cannabis chutney, but it does not contain intoxication. This delicious chutney is served as a side dish which adds a fresh aroma and delicious taste to the food.


Momos were brought to Mussoorie by the Tibetan community. Now almost all the food is sold at the stalls. These momos are very tasty dishes which are served with spicy chutney. There are many options for momos. This includes vegetarian and non-veg etc. If you are crazy about momos then you must try momos in Mussoorie


Kaphuli, also known as Kapha, is a special dish prepared mainly during the winter season. This is a spinach vegetable. This dish is usually served in the winter months.


The Mall Road of Mussoorie is loaded with kebab stalls in the evening. Here you can enjoy delicious kebabs. This is a spicy street dish.

Garhwal ka fanna

Garhwal ka fanna is cooked in brown gravy which is made using black gram dal. It tastes delicious with rice and is usually eaten in lunch or dinner. If you like Rajma Chawal, then you will also like Garhwal Fatwa.


If you go to Mussoorie then you must try the veggie Maggi. Hot and delicious Vegetable Maggi will give you a pleasing feeling during the winter season of Mussoorie.

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