The size of your lips tells about your personality, know

आपके होठों के साइज आपके व्यक्तित्व के बारे में बताते हैं, जानिए


Your lips are the most attractive thing on your face after your eyes. Carry a bright smile on it and it can ease all your sorrows.

Apart from making your day shine, your lips can also tell a lot about your personality. According to face reading science, every feature of our body gives information about our personality.

We are born with it for a reason and together they make us who we are.

1. Lipsology: The Skill of Face Reading

Lip analysis, also known as lipology, is linked to the Chinese skill of reading faces. From size to perfection and design, your lips reveal some important aspects of your personality.

We have a variety of lip categories on the basis of size, plumpness and supid bows. Read on to know what your lip size says about your personality.

2. Fuller Lips

People with such lips are sympathetic in nature and have good parenting instincts. They are born to be caring and often take care of others, be it their children, younger siblings or friends.

Such people also like to build strong relationships with others and do everything possible to maintain them. They give utmost importance to relationships and when stuck in a complicated situation, always think about others first and then about themselves.

3. Heavy Upper Lip

A person with upper lips as compared to lower lips is said to be quite a drama lover. He has a high opinion of himself, likes to attract the attention of everyone and for this he does not fail to go to any extent.

The best part about them is that they are charismatic and love their life to the fullest. They are also the funniest people around who can crack some jokes in any situation.

4. Heavy Lower Lip

People with a larger lower lip than the upper lip are usually the jovial type and know how to have fun. They are the ones who do not enjoy 9 to 5 office jobs and often come up with new earning plans to lead a fun and energetic lifestyle. These people love adventure and are always trying to find new restaurants and places to visit. They are curious souls, open to everything.

5. Thin lips

People with thin lips are alert, independent and reserved. For this he is often misled as a bachelor, but he feels very comfortable in solitude. That doesn’t mean they can’t fit into a group.

In a social setting, they can quickly find a common topic of discussion and become part of a group. These people are also high achievers and determined.

6. Thickening of the middle of the lips

People with plump lip centers are natural performers who often bring them into limelight without much effort and they are also proud of this ability. He prefers to be surrounded by people rather than enjoying his company.

When in a relationship they are mostly responsible for bringing the drama to the table, but they also know how to have fun and enjoy their lives.

7. Bow Shaped Lips

People with pointed bow shaped lips are known for their creative thinking ability. He is well aware of his abilities and uses them skillfully to get what he wants.

These people also have impressive memory and excellent recalling abilities. This means that they can remember and communicate in any situation. Apart from this, they are also sharp minded and can be impulsive at times.

8. Undefined Supid Waves

People with undefined supid voices are very reliable and responsible. However, these qualities sometimes overpower them and they become overly giving which blurs the emotional boundaries.

In the process, they often neglect their own needs and do not practice self-care. Moreover, they are highly skilled and can tackle any problem within the given time period.

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