Skin Care Tips: Make night cream at home in these 3 ways, every problem of skin will go away

Skin Care Tips : इन 3 तरीकों से घर में बनाएं नाइट क्रीम, स्किन की हर प्रॉब्लम दूर हो जाएगी

night cream

Our skin also gets sick due to strong sunlight, pollution and wrong food. In such a situation, all the problems start occurring in the skin like blackness, blemishes, premature wrinkles and rash etc. Apart from this, due to the loss of moisture from the face, the skin also becomes lifeless. Night cream can prove to be very effective to overcome all these skin problems.

At night our skin does the work of self healing. During this, the benefit of applying night cream is faster. But the market night creams are chemical. Therefore, it is better that you use a night cream made from natural ingredients, so that your skin also gets a natural glow and there is no risk of any side effects.

Here’s how to make a homemade night cream

Rose water and saffron night cream

Two spoons of rose water, a pinch of saffron, two spoons of aloe vera gel, two capsules of vitamin E. Put saffron in these rose water and leave it for ten minutes. After that mix the rest of the things well. After that store it in a container. You can store this cream for a month and keep it in the fridge. Apply this eye cream after washing your mouth thoroughly at night. Wash your mouth in the morning. This cream removes wrinkles, dark spots from the face
It is very helpful in removing and makes the skin glowing.

Make night cream from cream

One tablespoon cream, one teaspoon glycerin, one teaspoon rose water, one teaspoon olive oil. Mix all the things well. Be careful not to make the cream too thin. After this, apply this cream on the skin every night. It works very well in winters and is very useful for those with dry skin. By applying it, the skin gets hydrated and the skin becomes deeply moisturized.

Aloe Vera and Virgin Coconut Oil Cream

Mix 4 tablets of Vitamin C, one spoon of aloe vera gel and one spoon of virgin coconut oil and store in a glass container and keep it in the refrigerator. Apply it every night at bedtime. Wash your mouth in the morning. This cream moisturizes the skin and makes it healthy by removing blemishes from the skin.

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