Orange Face Mist: Try Orange Face Mist for glowing skin

Orange Face Mist : निखरी त्वचा के लिए आजमाएं ऑरेंज फेस मिस्ट

Orange Face Mist: Regular use of face mist made from orange helps in nourishing the face and bringing a natural glow to the face. Let’s find out how you can make orange face mist at home.

orange face mist

Oranges are not only beneficial for our health but also for our skin. They contain vitamin C. It is beneficial for the skin. Face mist made from orange extracts works best for us. You can make many types of face mist from oranges. It helps to keep our skin healthy and fresh. Regular use of face mist made from orange helps in nourishing the face and bringing a natural glow to the face. Let’s find out how you can make orange face mist at home.

Orange Peel Face Mist – For this you will need orange peel water, orange essential oil, bergamot essential oil and glycerin. To make it, boil fresh orange peels in water. Boil it until the color of the water starts changing. Then filter it and keep it aside. Take orange peel water. Add 1 tablespoon of glycerin to it. After this, add 2-3 drops of bergamot essential oil and 5-6 drops of orange essential oil to it.

Mix everything well and store it in a spray bottle. You can spray it 2-3 times a day. This face mist helps in deep cleansing your skin with the help of antimicrobial properties and other effective agents. It prevents acne, blemishes and dark spots from occurring.

Orange oil face mist For this you will need aloe vera juice, almond oil, water, orange essential oil and lavender essential oil. First of all, take 3 tablespoons aloe vera juice, 3 tablespoons water, 1 teaspoon almond oil, 5 drops orange essential oil and 3 drops lavender essential oil. Mix all the ingredients well one by one in a bowl and then put them in a spray bottle.

Mix the spray bottle and keep it in the fridge for some time. After that you can use face mist. This mist hydrates your skin. It helps to clean dry skin and dirt from pores. Apart from this, it also helps in calming the inflammation in the skin.

Chamomile and Orange Face Mist – For this you will need chamomile tea bag, orange essential oil, glycerin and water. To make this, first take 1 chamomile tea bag, 3 drops wild orange essential oil, 2 drops vegetable glycerin and water. Now put the tea bag in water and boil it for about 10 minutes. Put it in a spray bottle. Add glycerin to it. Mix it and use. This face mist will protect your face from bacteria and further help in keeping your pores clean. This will keep your skin hydrated.

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