Navratri 2021: If you want to eat something healthy and tasty during the fast of Navratri, then try banana puri

Navratri 2021 :  नवरात्रि के व्रत में खाना चाहते हैं कुछ हेल्दी और टेस्टी तो ट्राई करें केले की पूरी

Banana Whole

During fasting, most people consume sattvik diet i.e. dishes made without onion and garlic. During fasting, only certain foods can be consumed like sago, sama rice, fruits and water chestnut flour etc.

You can also make raw banana poori during the fast. These puris are a great recipe to serve to your friends and family members during Navratri fasting. It is quite easy to make them. Let’s find out how you can make these puris at home.

Healthy and Tasty Banana Puri

Raw Banana Whole

  • Water chestnut – 240 grams
  • Ajwain – 2 grams
  • rock salt as required
  • Green Raw Bananas – 2
  • ghee as required

Step-1 Boil raw banana and grate it finely

To make these puris, take a vessel full of water and boil peeled raw bananas in it. When the raw bananas boil, peel them and grate them.

Step – 2 Knead the dough using banana, all purpose flour and other spices

After this, take a mixing bowl and mix grated bananas along with water chestnut flour, rock salt and carom seeds. Mix well and knead the dough. If you feel that the dough is not coming together properly then you can use water. After the dough comes together, keep it covered and untouched for about 30 minutes. After this knead the dough and make it hard.

Step – 3 Make small balls from the dough and prepare the poori by rolling it.

At this stage, start preheating the ghee in a deep bottom frying pan (kadhai). When the ghee is heating up, make small balls out of the dough and roll them into flat discs or puris with the help of a rolling pin.

Step – 4 Deep fry the pooris till golden brown and enjoy with your favorite curry

Ghee should become hot enough and ready for frying. Carefully drop one poori into the hot oil and deep fry it on medium flame. Flip the poori and cook from both the sides till the poori turns golden-brown in color. Fry one poori at a time. Remove excess ghee from the fried puris. Enjoy it with your favorite curry or gravy.

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