Mysore Tourist Places: These are the major attractions of Mysore which make the city very special

Mysore Tourist Places : ये हैं मैसूर के प्रमुख आकर्षण जो बनाते हैं शहर को बेहद खास

Famous places to visit in Mysore

Mysore is a very beautiful city with royal heritage. Mysore is one of the most popular tourist places in the country. This place is no less than heaven for amazing architecture and history lovers.

Here with positive vibes you can visit many attractive places. The unique culture of Mysore will fascinate you. The culture here can be seen in food, tradition, arts, crafts and lifestyle.

Famous places to visit in Mysore

Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace is one of the largest palaces in India and its architecture is magnificent. It has a mix of Hindu, Islamic, Gothic and Rajput styles which makes the architecture different. It was built in 1897 and later rebuilt in 1912. The palace looks great during the day, however, the palace looks even more amazing during the night when it is illuminated by more than 98000 bulbs.

Vrindavan Garden

Vrindavan Garden is situated below the Krishnaraja Sagar Dam. The construction of this garden started in 1927 and was completed in 1932. It is spread over 150 acres and is considered to be one of the finest gardens in the country. It has a botanical garden as well as several fountains of all sizes and designs. One of the major attractions is the Musical Fountain. Must visit this place after sunset to enjoy the colorful fountain.

Karanji Lake

The famous Chamundi hills are situated at the foothills of Karanji Lake. The lake was built by the king of Mysore. It is spread over 90 acres. It is maintained by the Mysore Authority. Karanji Lake is a haven for migratory birds, in which more than 90 species are found. This place gives you a chance to see the birds up close.

Shivanasamudra Waterfall

Shivanasamudra Waterfall is 85 km from Mysore. Shivanasamudra is an island town that divides the Kaveri River into two waterfalls. Ghassanakki Falls and Bharchukki Falls are the names of two falls. These waterfalls are one of the top 100 waterfalls in the world, and they offer a breathtaking view.


Melukote, also known as Melkot, is a pilgrimage site in Mandya district. There are famous temples in this place where devotees come for darshan throughout the year. This is a beautiful place where you will feel at peace. Sri Yoga Narasimha Swamy, which is situated on top of a hill, is one of the most famous temples here. Sunrise is spectacular from here.

Mysore Zoo

It is one of the oldest zoos in India, established in 1892. The zoo is situated on 250 acres of land and is home to a diverse collection of animals. It may interest you to know that apart from the animals of India, the zoo has animals from all over the world.

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