Men Grooming Tips: Men Follow These 5 Grooming Tips in Monsoon, Get Handsome Look

Men Grooming Tips : मानसून में पुरुष फॉलो करें ये 5 ग्रूमिंग टिप्स, पाएं हैंडसम लुक

We often talk about the skin care and hair care routine of women. But men should also follow some grooming tips. By following these tips, the skin will look fresh.

Main Grooming Tips

With every season, there is a need to change the skin care routine of the skin. Skin needs special care in monsoon season. Due to the increase in moisture in this season, the skin problems increase more. We often talk about the skin care and hair care routine of women.

Men should also follow some of their grooming routines. Especially in the rainy season, the effect of moisture is also visible on their skin and hair. What are the things you should keep in mind while shaving today? Telling about it.

shave face from time to time

If you are very busy then it becomes difficult to take care of facial or body hair. In this case, you just shave or trim. This will also save your time and the grooming routine will also be completed. In monsoon, dust and dirt accumulate in large amounts in long hair, which can be harmful if mixed with sweat.

Avoid curly beard and mustache

Men who want to keep their beard stylish, keep their beard clean with beard shampoo so that the layer of sweat and dirt does not accumulate. Apart from this, apply a lightweight moisturizer so that your skin remains healthy and hydrated. By doing this the skin will not be itchy and the beard will not smell of sweat.

Use s-l-s free shaving gel

Buy s-l-s free shaving products in any season. Note that a good quality shaving gel and shaving foam not only keep the skin hydrated but also last longer. Apart from this, it is not right to shave with soap and water. A good shaving product keeps the skin moisturized naturally. It also helps to keep the skin soft.

Apply alcohol free shaving balm or lotion

Those men who do not consider it necessary to hydrate the skin, they have the problem of itching. Shaving makes you feel uncomfortable due to dry skin and lack of moisture. Using the right moisturizer after shaving can keep the skin hydrated. Dryness can be reduced by applying lotion and balm after shave. It locks your skin’s natural oil in the pores. Note that the products used after the shave should not contain alcohol. Actually alcohol-based products work to kill bacteria and viruses. It has more disadvantages than advantages. Instead, you can use other natural products including aloe vera, green tea.

Exfoliate the skin before shaving

Due to excess moisture and sweating, the skin looks oily and it becomes difficult to remove the dirt present in it. Exfoliating the skin before shaving removes sebum and dirt. Apart from this, it helps to remove dead skin and the razor glides easily.

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