Makeup Tips: Follow these tips to do makeup in the festival season, everyone will appreciate

Makeup Tips : ड्राई स्किन वाली महिलाएं फ्लॉलेस लुक के लिए मेकअप के दौरान ध्यान रखें ये 6 बातें

Makeup Tips

The festivals of Navratri have special significance. During this, the devotees of the mother are celebrated. Somewhere there is a Dandiya Night and somewhere there is a grand event of Durga Puja pandal. The festival season gives every girl and woman a chance to dress up. Women flaunt traditional saris and lehengas at this time.

Women are excited to wear ethnic wear and jewellery. If you want to look the most beautiful and stylish in the festival season, then we have brought some makeup tips for you, which you can follow to get a glam look.

keep eyes bold

Make your eyes bold while doing makeup to add color to Durga Puja and Dandiya Night. You apply eyeliner above the eyes and kajal in the bottom. Apply mascara to give a bold look to the eyes. If you want, you can use black matte powder to give a smokey look to the eyes.

bring glow to the skin

To improve the skin, first of all follow the CTM skin care routine. Sweat and moisture are high in Durga Puja. In such a situation, do not make the mistake of applying heavy base. You can use liquid highlighter foundation on the skin. Highlight the cheekbones of the face so that the glow is visible.

feel the eyebrows

Eyebrows work to enhance your look. It works to add charm to the expression of your face. If your eyebrows are thin, you can use makeup and eyebrow pencil to make it appear thicker. You can use brown powder to give a natural look to the eyebrows.

apply waterproof makeup

Always apply water proof makeup, especially use water proof products to prevent the spread of eyeliner and mascara. Apply translucent loose powder on two regular coats to keep the mascara from spreading in the water. To keep your makeup set, apply loose powder.

apply blusher

To give a natural look to the face, apply nude color according to your skin tone. You can apply red color lipstick on the lips on the special occasion of Durga Puja.

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