Juhi Parmar makes her skin oil free with homemade face pack, you also know her beauty secret

होममेड फेसपैक से अपनी स्किन को ऑयल फ्री बनाती हैं जूही परमार, आप भी जानें उनका ब्यूटी सीक्रेट

Juhi Parmar

When we see celebrities on TV, we aspire to have skin and beauty like them. Seeing them, it seems that this skin of theirs has been found naturally. but it’s not like that. The problems that we common people have to face regarding the skin, the same problems are faced by celebrities too. The only difference is that those people take special care of their skin and we do not pay much attention to all the problems.

Usually people with oily skin have many problems. TV actress Juhi Parmar has also faced similar problems. Her skin is oily as well as very sensitive. At the same time, being a TV actress, it is also important for her to maintain her skin better. In such a situation, controlling the problems caused by oily skin is not less than a challenge. But Juhi has figured out the best way to control oil. They use household items for this. Some time ago, while sharing her beauty secret on social media, she told about it. You can also follow his method.

Make face pack with these things

Juhi uses very simple things to make face packs, which are easily available in homes. For this, she takes one spoon of gram flour, two spoons of tomato juice and one spoon of aloe vera gel and applies it on the face.

you use like this

After making this pack, keep it like this for about two to three minutes. After this apply on the face. Leave it on the face for about 20 to 25 minutes. After that remove it by rubbing. Then wash your face. Doing this two to three times in a week gives very good results.

This is how deep cleansing

Juhi also does deep cleansing of the skin. For this, she makes a paste by mixing 2 teaspoons of gram flour, half a teaspoon of turmeric, a quarter teaspoon of baking soda and applies it from the neck to the face. After about 20 minutes she washes her mouth. Deep cleansing of the face is done by applying it twice a week. In this way, by following this routine of skin, Juhi’s skin looks bright. You too can make your skin glowing by trying their methods.

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