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If you are fond of eating healthy, then definitely try this famous street food of Maharashtra.

Poha Chicken Bhujing

Poha Chicken Bhujing: Everyone is crazy about the street foods of India. Street foods need no introduction. From golgappas, kachoris, dahi chaat to kathi rolls, tikkis, there are so many street foods that make your mouth water. All these dishes are the pride of different places. street food (Poha Chicken Bhujing)Usually deep fried, oily, greasy and also full of unhealthy things.

But do you know that a popular street food in the Vasai region of Maharashtra? (Famous Street Food)Which is quite famous. This street food does not come under the category of unhealthy street food. Yes, let us tell you that this famous street food is made from the nutrients Poha and Roasted Chicken. For this reason it is called Poha Chicken Bhujing.

Poha Chicken Bhujing is a different type of healthy street food, which is very much liked. It basically consists of fried chicken pieces with potatoes over a charcoal fire and then mixed with nylon poha (best quality of poha). The special thing is that you can use any type of poha to make it.

Let us tell you that to make Poha Chicken Bhujing, first take a bowl, then add boneless chicken pieces to it and then marinate it by adding dry ingredients like cumin powder, coriander powder, salt, turmeric powder etc. Then add potatoes and keep aside for marination.

After this we will take a grill pan, apply some oil and marinated mixture on it and leave it to cook. For charcoal flavor, place a bowl with burnt coal in the center of the cooked chicken and cover with a lid for 3-4 minutes.

Now prepare the poha.

Along with this, we have to prepare the poha in a special way. Add smoked chicken mixture and mix everything well. Garnish with coriander and mint leaves. Serve hot. These famous healthy street food of Maharashtra can also be made at home. You try this recipe and make your breakfast the topic of discussion throughout the day.

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