Hair Care Tips: Do not forget to make these 5 mistakes in wet hair, it can cause damage

Hair Care Tips : गीले बालों में भूलकर न करें ये 5 गलतियां, हो सकता है नुकसान

Take care of wet hair like this

Taking care of hair is not an easy task. Bad weather, pollution and busy lifestyle also affect hair growth, due to which many people are troubled by the problem of hair fall. There can be many reasons behind this. Apart from this, due to our small mistakes, the hair also gets damaged.

Many people comb wet hair. We all know that wet hair is very weak. In such a situation, we make many common mistakes, due to which the hair gets damaged. Let us know about these mistakes without delay.

1. Combing wet hair

Many people make the mistake of combing wet hair. Most people comb when the hair is completely wet. Actually combing wet hair causes more damage. You should not comb your hair until it is thoroughly dried. You can use a wide comb to detangle the hair.

2. Combing Wet Hair

We often tie our hair after taking a shower. Sometimes we do this in a hurry. We all know that wet hair is weak. Wet hair damages it by tying it. That’s why you should always avoid making such a mistake.

3. Rubbing a towel into wet hair

Often a towel is wrapped in wet hair to dry the hair. Don’t make this mistake. Due to this, the hair breaks more and gets tangled too. You can use a soft cloth to dry the hair.

4. Using Heating Tools on Wet Hair

We all love to style our hair. But this mistake should not be done in wet hair. The heat released from it can damage the hair. However, using styling tools also damages the hair and using it on wet hair causes more damage.

5. Sleeping in Wet Hair

Many times wash hair at night and sleep in wet hair. Due to this, the hair gets more damage. Due to the friction in the pillow and hair, the hair gets more damage.

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