Fashion Tips: If you want to hide obesity, then choose your clothes in this way

Fashion Tips : मोटापे को छिपाना है तो इस तरह करें अपने कपड़ों का चुनाव

Choose clothes according to body shape

Whenever weighty women go anywhere, they are worried about the fact that they do not look too fat. Many times this happens too. Actually not every cloth suits everyone. If you wear such a dress just by looking at the trend, then you may not get the look you want, or you may look overweight.

In fact, this situation comes with those people who do not know how to dress according to their body shape. If you are overweight, then you should wear clothes very carefully and keeping in mind the structure of your body. That’s why today we are going to tell you, some easy fashion tips, by trying which you can easily hide your obesity.

choose color wisely

The color of clothes greatly affects your body shape. If you really want to hide your increased weight then you should wear dark and bright colors. In such a situation, you can wear clothes of black, purple, maroon, royal blue, dark gray shades.

Take special care of fitting

Fat people should also take special care of the fitting of clothes to hide their obesity. Too tight clothes and too loose clothes are both bad for you. Your body looks very heavy in loose clothes and you will look more heavy in tight clothes. So wear clothes that are neither too tight nor too loose.

avoid large print

Always avoid large prints when wearing clothes. Wearing a large print makes you more prone to obesity. Therefore, always prefer clothes with small prints. Apart from this, if you are wearing jeans, then wear long tops. You will not look too heavy in this. Apart from this, always wear clothes with vertical lines in the lining design. It will make you look slim and tall.

thin border saree

If you like to wear saree, then choose the saree carefully. Never wear heavy sarees and net sarees. Choose only sarees with thin borders. Apart from this, do not experiment too much on the blouse.

V neck is best

You should wear V-neck clothes to make your broad shoulders look less and keep your body weight balanced. Apart from this, wearing clothes of similar color will also make you look slim. While choosing shoes, remember that the shoes should be sharp. Don’t be round. Round shoes make you look heavier and smaller in height.

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