Fashion Tips: Follow these tips to prevent leggings from getting damaged quickly

Fashion Tips : लेगिंग्स को जल्दी खराब होने से बचाने के लिए अपनाएं ये टिप्स

Leggings (representative picture)

Everyone likes to wear comfortable clothes. Leggings are one such bottom wear that is included in the wardrobe of every woman. Whenever you buy a kurti, the first thing that comes to mind is leggings with matching dupatta. These days the trend of wearing leggings and T-shirt with kurti is very much. No matter how expensive leggings you buy, after some time they start getting spoiled. In such a situation, people’s mentality has become that they get spoiled quickly. but it’s not like that. With proper maintenance, this can be used for a long time.

Most leggings tend to get loose after a few days of purchase. Sometimes weeping also starts coming out of leggings. In such a situation, after buying leggings, take a little more care. This will not spoil your leggings quickly and will also save money. Let us know without delay how you can maintain leggings.

1. Don’t Wash Leggings Constantly

Leggings tend to get loose due to frequent washing. Actually it is made by mixing nylon and cotton fabric. Therefore, care should be taken while washing it. There is no need to rub much while washing it. It is better to wash it by hand instead of machine. To maintain the shine of leggings, always wash it upside down.

2. Do not use fabric softener

Use of fabric softener should be avoided to maintain the shine of leggings. You can use vinegar to keep the fabric soft. For this, put vinegar in cold water and keep the leggings soaked for half an hour. By doing this both its quality and shine remains.

3. Drying Method of Leggings

Many people dry leggings in the hot sun like other clothes or use a dryer when there is a rush. Don’t make such mistake. Leggings wear out quickly due to the heat of the dryer. Weeps and holes start happening in it. So air dry the leggings indoors.

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